One of our most important values is transparency. Before deciding on any treatment, you should feel comfortable and safe. Choosing to be a medical tourist brings with it many questions. At Healthy Türkiye, we understand all this stress and work to explain all the details of your medical journey so that you don’t experience it.

Why are patients prefer Healthy Türkiye for medical tourism?

People prefer Healthy Türkiye because of the high quality of healthcare, its affordability, access to personalized care, or its better availability.

How do I start with Healthy Türkiye?

When our patients book their treatment plans with us and decide on the date of their operation, we will need their flight details. We are going to take care of every other detail for our patients. They do not have to worry about transfers, accommodation, check-ups, or treatment plans.

What kind of clinics and hospitals are listed on Healthy Türkiye?

We work with internationally accredited hospitals and clinics that have experience in serving foreign patients. We select medical facilities that are offering high-quality health services to our patients.

How does Healthy Türkiye choose the medical institution and the doctor?

After your treatment decision in Türkiye, the health reports you send to us will be pre-examined by our health consultants and specialist doctors. As a result of the analysis, possible treatment choices are determined, the best doctors and hospitals are contacted, and treatment choices are created for you. We decide on the most appropriate treatment program together with you. This stage is offered to you for free.

How can I save money?

Your savings will depend on your treatment and the services you want to receive. You can get the same standard treatments at an average of 70% more affordable price compared to Western countries.

Do I pay when prefer to Healthy Türkiye?

For our patients, in each treatment program that is prepared individually, they receive the complimentary services of an interpreter, transfer, and assistant who will be in touch with them throughout their medical journey to Türkiye.

When should I pay?

The payment process is carried out in two stages. In order to complete your reservations, you should first pay a small deposit. After your payment is conducted, you can book your flight tickets and arrive at the clinic selected for your treatment. Before starting your treatment, you should complete the payment process by paying the second part of the pay package costs.

Are transfers included in the package cost?

If our patients choose one of our all-inclusive packages, airport VIP transfers are included in the package price, as are all internal transfers related to their treatment.

Can I get a translator and health assistance during my treatment?

Upon your request, we can ensure a translator and personal assistance services. When you arrive in Türkiye, a staff interpreter who speaks your language will meet you at the airport and deliver you with health assistance during the entire treatment process.

Can you help me with my transportation plan?

Upon your request, our expert team can offer affordable choices for flight planning and airport transfer services.

Can you help me with accommodation and a rental car?

Upon your request, you and your companions will be ensured different choices of accommodation and rental car with quality and reasonable price by our expert team for your treatment process and after.

Can I communicate with my doctor in Türkiye when I returned to my country?

After your treatment, here and when you return to your country, regular patient follow-up is done, and we ensure communication between the patient and the physician.

Can I travel with a companion on my treatment journey?

You can take a friend or relative with you to accompany you at all stages, including during your stay in the clinic or hospital. We offer an option for a companion to spend the night in your patient room, and to this end, we will provide a comfortable studio for two. The package prices we offer are for one person, however, since most patients want to travel with a companion, additional payment for double accommodation may occur for the entire stay period. For more information, please contact us.

What happens if I have problems with treatment while I am in Türkiye?

According to Turkish Law, medical institutions are medically responsible for the patients’ conditions. We are picky in our choice and cooperate only with hospitals working professionally and responsibly. Nevertheless, we do not leave our guests alone at any step and walk along with them through their journey to health in Türkiye and assist them to solve any kind of problem they may face.

What happens if I experience any complications?

The doctors who will perform your treatment are experts in their fields, talented, experienced, and perform a large number of surgeries every year. In the unlikely event of any kind of complication, all healthcare personnel involved in the treatment are highly trained to handle such rare occurrences with confidence.

Can I have a chance to explore Türkiye during my medical treatment process?

If approved by your doctor, you can explore this amazing country during or after your treatment. In addition, with our VIP transfer service, this will be much easier than you think.