Why Choose Turkiye for Health Tourism?

You may be wondering why Turkiye is the best destination for medical tourism and why the leader in healthcare and medical tourism. Did you realize Turkiye is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations?

The sixth most popular tourist destination in the world is Turkiye!

It has become a popular medical tourism destination, with more than 700,000 medical tourists visiting annually. According to the statistics, the number of medical tourists is predicted to exceed 3,000,000 by 2024! In addition, medical travelers account for over 32 percent of all tourists in Turkiye.

Affordable Prices in Turkiye

60% of those who travel abroad choose to receive their private hospital care in Turkiye, where surgical procedures are up to 80% less expensive. This demonstrates how reasonably priced their medical services are. Moreover, cosmetic surgery is 70% less costly in Turkiye than in European nations. Thus, you can save more money without sacrificing the high quality of the treatments you require.

Flight Support

Most Turkish airlines discount medical travelers. Even with the operation, travel, and lodging, it will be cheaper than undergoing the same surgery in most Western nations while on holiday. The passengers flying to Turkiye for medical treatment can get a transportation refund by completing the necessary paperwork at their home city office. Turkiye has recently become the top healthcare destination due to government-led promotion, advertising, and investment.

Top-Leading Hospitals

To find specialized treatments, you can contact Healthy Turkiye which has affiliations with top hospitals in your desired destination. By contacting them, you can provide detailed medical information, such as X-rays, MRIs, and other reports. Based on this information, the company will proceed to the next stage.

Bridge Between the East and the West

Turkiye is easy to get to, no matter what region or country you are from. Also, it has always been a very important place for politics, society, and business around the world. Istanbul Airport in Turkiye is thought to have one of the biggest runways in the world. It has about 300 direct trips all over the world and serves about 200 million people every year.

Quick Response

Turkiye pays priority to its international patients in light of the fact that we are aware of the value that medical tourism brings to our nation. When compared to the average wait time of approximately 18 months for some treatments in other countries, the amount of time it takes to get a treatment procedure booked can be as little as two weeks in Turkiye.

Incredible Places to Visit

When you go to Turkiye to get medical care, you will learn about the country’s history. Turkiye will captivate you from the moment you step foot on its land because it has high-quality medical care at reasonable prices and is home to many well-known tourist places. Because of this, it is a great place for people who want to go for both fun and health reasons.

If you need surgery or special treatment, Turkiye is a good choice. In this beautiful country, you can get good medical care at a reasonable price, and you can also experience the unique mixture of many cultures. Do you want to take advantage of medical tourism and travel for health? Healthy Turkiye sets up everything for you.