Why Choose Us for Medical Trip?

Medical trip, which involves traveling to foreign countries for medical treatments, is gaining popularity worldwide. Healthy Turkiye’s pioneering ensures more and more patients are opting for Turkiye because of the availability of affordable treatment costs, specialized healthcare services and high-skilled health professionals.

Healthy Turkiye offers you the best!

Healthy Turkiye today boasts excellent healthcare infrastructure and is affiliated with highly qualified hospitals specializing in various fields, offering lower costs.

There are various reasons why individuals choose Healthy Turkiye to become medical tourists. For instance, individuals with heart conditions may need to seek treatment in another country if their home country lacks the necessary infrastructure or specialization. Additionally, those who cannot afford expensive treatments in their own countries often travel to Turkiye for more affordable yet quality medical care.

Consultancy Assistance

To find specialized treatments, you can contact Healthy Turkiye which has affiliations with top hospitals in your desired destination. By contacting them, you can provide detailed medical information, such as X-rays, MRIs, and other reports. Based on this information, the company will proceed to the next stage.

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Finding the Right Treatment

Once Healthy Turkiye receives your information, they will consult with the reputed hospitals they are affiliated with. These hospitals, with their specialized professionals, will analyze your reports and provide estimations, which will then be shared with you. The response time may vary but happens as soon as possible. The assistants will also provide information on treatment options, procedure details, and an estimated duration for the procedure.

Easing to Choose Hospital

Upon receiving the quotations, you can select from the various affiliated hospitals in foreign countries. If you are satisfied with the cost estimations and services offered by a particular hospital, you can inform Healthy Turkiye, who will then facilitate contact between you and the hospital. Direct communication with physicians is also possible to better understand medical procedures. Healthy Turkiye provides customer care services to address any confusion or provide assistance.

Being Well-Planned

As soon as you affirm your selection, Healthy Turkiye will start arranging your travel and lodging. They will apply for a medical visa on your behalf, organize your flights, transport you from the airport to your hotel and the hospital, and plan everything for you.

arranging accommodation

Admission and Accommodation

Upon your arrival, your assistant at Healthy Turkiye takes care of your admission process and schedules medical appointments with doctors and physicians. They also arrange pre-surgery accommodations and ensure timely visits to the doctor.

Medical tourism is an increasingly popular choice for individuals seeking high-quality healthcare services at affordable prices. With the availability of specialized treatments and advanced medical facilities in foreign countries, patients can access healthcare options that may not be easily accessible or affordable in their home countries.

Healthy Turkiye plays a crucial role in facilitating this process by providing transparent cost estimations, offering a range of hospital choices, and managing travel and accommodation arrangements. By opting for Healthy Turkiye, individuals have the opportunity to receive the best possible care while keeping their budget in mind.

Medical tourism in Turkiye continues to be available to individuals who are interested in obtaining high-quality medical treatment while traveling outside of their home country.