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About Dentures in Turkey

A denture in Turkey is a removable replacement for missing teeth and adjacent tissues. It is made of acrylic resin, which is sometimes combined with other metals. A complete denture replaces all of the teeth, whereas a partial denture fills in the gaps left by missing teeth and keeps adjacent teeth from shifting. There are two types of complete dentures: “conventional” and “immediate.”

To allow for adequate healing, a traditional denture is placed in the mouth about a month after all of the teeth are removed, whereas an instantaneous denture is implanted as soon as the teeth are removed. The disadvantage of an instantaneous denture is that it may require additional modifications after healing has occurred.

The cost of dentures in Turkey depends on the overall dental treatment required and the type of dentures fitted. At your initial examination and after X-rays are taken of your mouth, our dentist at Healthy Türkiye will be able to better advise you on treatments, denture options, the associated costs involved, and our available payment plans to make your new teeth an affordable reality.

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Dentures Procedure in Turkey

A denture in Turkey is a removable device that can be used to replace one, several, or even all of your teeth. A partial denture fills in the voids left by lost teeth and keeps other teeth from shifting position, whereas complete or full dentures replace every tooth. Your dentist or other specialists at Healthy Türkiye creates a replica of your teeth using impression for both types of dentures. Your dentures in Turkey are made to order using these models.

A full denture is placed in the mouth about a month after all the teeth are extracted to allow for proper healing, whereas an immediate denture is placed as soon as the teeth are removed. The drawback behind an immediate denture is that it might require more adjustments after the healing has taken place.

At Healthy Türkiye, we work with some of Turkey’s leading denture technicians to ensure that we provide you with dentures that fit and feel comfortable.

Good Candidate for Dentures in Turkey

Dentures might be ‘full’ or ‘partial’ depending on how many teeth need to be replaced. These differ from dental bridges because bridges are permanently adhered to neighboring teeth, whereas dentures are fully removable. Full dentures are fitted when all of your teeth in one jaw have been extracted.

Your dentist at Healthy Türkiye will be able to tell you about the alternative treatments available, including dental implants and bridges. These options might not be suitable, for example, if the bone in your jaw is not strong enough to support dental implants, or you have too few teeth remaining for bridges to work. On the other hand, you might simply prefer the idea of dentures to the other treatment options.

When Are Dentures Necessary?

A significant number of elderly people have partial or full dentures. Plaque might easily build up on dentures. If partial dentures are worn, it is critical that oral hygiene is well maintained or the plaque will accumulate and encourage gum disease and tooth decay.

If the patient loses all their natural teeth, they might need to begin using full dentures. They might have difficulty coping with their new set of dentures and will need to be encouraged to persevere. This can also be an issue if the person loses their dentures and needs to begin using a new set.

Dentures also require to be replaced when they become loose. Replacement dentures in Turkey are best constructed using the dimensions of the old set. For this reason, the old set should always be retained and taken along to the dentist in Turkey when the new ones are being constructed.

Complete Dentures in Turkey

Complete dentures in Turkey can be either “conventional” or “immediate.” Made after the teeth have been extracted and the gum tissue has begun to heal, a conventional denture is ready for placement in the mouth around 8 to 12 weeks after the teeth have been removed.

Unlike conventional dentures, immediate dentures are made in advance and can be positioned as soon as the teeth are extracted. As a result, the wearer does not have to be without teeth during the recovery period. However, bones and gums shrink over time, especially during the recovery period following tooth removal. Therefore a disadvantage of immediate dentures compared with conventional dentures is that they require more adjustments to fit properly during the healing process and often should only be considered a temporary solution until conventional dentures can be made.

Partial Dentures in Turkey

A removable partial denture in Turkey or bridge generally consists of replacement teeth attached to a pink or gum-colored plastic base, which is sometimes connected by a metal framework that holds the denture in place in the mouth. Partial dentures are applied when one or more natural teeth remain in the upper or lower jaw.

By dental crowning the teeth on either side of the gap and affixing prosthetic teeth to them, a fixed bridge replaces one or more missing teeth. The “bridge” is then affixed with cement. A partial denture not only covers the holes left by lost teeth but also keeps other teeth from shifting position. A precision partial denture includes internal attachments rather than clasps that fasten to the neighboring crowns and are detachable. This appliance has a more organic appearance.

Flexible Dentures in Turkey

Flexible dentures in Turkey are a kind of partial denture, but they are made of different materials from ordinary partial dentures. Unlike full dentures, which are typically constructed of thicker, more rigid acrylic, flexible dentures are composed of a thin thermoplastic, such as nylon.

You might find that flexible partial dentures are a more comfortable fit than other removable partials, especially if you are still new to wearing replacement teeth. Not only that but most partial dentures are generally made with metal parts that can sometimes show. Flexible dentures don’t use any metal parts so they tend to look and feel a lot more natural.

What Is the Difference Between Full and Partial Dentures?

Depending on how many teeth you have missing, you might have a full or partial denture. You might also have a temporary partial denture while you are waiting to have a bridge fitted. A removable acrylic base, or plate, that rests over the gums is a full denture. A set of custom-made acrylic teeth that have been designed to look as natural as possible are placed on top of this. It takes the place of your natural teeth.

A partial denture is attached to the teeth on either side of the gap and replaces one or a few missing teeth. They are also applied as an alternative to a bridge to fill gaps in your teeth. Partial dentures might have a base plate made of plastic or metal. Although more expensive, those constructed of metal are stronger and lighter.

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How Is Dentures Performed in Turkey?

Receiving dentures in Turkey generally happens over a few months, and will involve multiple appointments with us here at the practice. We will first begin by taking measurements of the teeth and mouth, as well as impressions or digital scans. These will be sent off to a dental laboratory, where they’ll make your dentures for you.

When they are ready to be worn, you will come back into the practice to have them fitted and we will make sure the fit, comfort, and bite are all correct. We will also go over how to take care of your dentures. At Healthy Türkiye, we are proud to be able to offer denture treatment with our clinical dental technician who will take care of the making of your dentures from start to finish.

Benefits of Dentures

The presence of teeth helps to provide a natural facial look and can potentially help to increase one’s self-confidence. Furthermore, the denture fittings themselves can deliver support for the lips and cheeks which can frequently take on a ‘collapsed’ appearance in patients with missing teeth. When teeth are lost, eating becomes more difficult, but wearing dentures can help. As a result, people can take advantage of the maximum amount of nutritional value from their meals by having food digest more readily as it goes through the body. Consequently, both complete and partial dentures can’t only boost the health and look of the mouth and face but also the body as a whole.

If teeth are lost, people can generally find their ability to speak clearly is impaired, particularly in the case of the anterior teeth – namely the incisors and canines. Those who opt for our dentures Turkey treatments should therefore find that their pronunciation improves. All dentures in Turkey of this nature are finished in high-impact very natural-looking acrylic teeth, meaning they can stand up to the wear and tear that affects teeth daily. As Healthy Türkiye, we can help select the best dentures in Turkey on the market for the most practical and realistic effect.

How Are Dentures Held in Place?

Dentures in Turkey are designed to fit snugly over your gums and can be removed by the wearer. Full or complete dentures (where there are no natural teeth remaining ) are generally held by suction to your gums. When they fit well, it can keep them firmly in your mouth. Over time, all dentures will loosen and need a new lining (reline), additional denture adhesive, or a total remake.

Denture adhesive can be applied to help hold them more securely as it can give a better grip. Most readily available adhesives last between seven and eleven hours before needing to be reapplied. Partial dentures can be clipped onto existing teeth and released using tooth-colored or metal clasps. Some dentures, called denture implants, can be attached to dental implants but unlike fixed bridge dental implants, which remain permanently fixed in your mouth, they require to be maintained like other removable dentures.

How Long Do Dentures Last?

Well-looked-after dentures can last for six to ten years before needing to be relined with acrylic resin to help them fit better, or replaced. The most critical thing is how well they fit. Gums naturally recede as you age and, while dentures are molded to fit your gums exactly, your jaw bone will gradually shrink and deteriorate (a natural process called as resorption).

This can be made worse by wearing dentures, especially when they do not fit well or grind against remaining teeth. This means your dentures might no longer fit properly and may start to become progressively looser, leading to slipping, discomfort, or lisping. The dentures might need to be replaced to address these problems. See your dentist in Turkey as soon as possible for advice.

How Do You Clean and Care for Dentures?

Dentures must be handled with great care and placed in a container of water or denture cleaner when not worn. They must never be placed in hot water, for they might be damaged or warped. They should be cleaned daily using a soft toothbrush with soap and water. The mouth must be rinsed daily without the dentures in place to clean off any plaque and reduce the risk of infection like candidiasis. There are many different denture products that can be purchased at any drugstore to help with caring for and cleaning dentures.

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2024 Cost of Dentures in Turkey

All types of medical attention, like dentures are very affordable in Turkey. Many factors are also included in determining the cost of dentures in Turkey. Your process with Healthy Türkiye will last from the time you decide to have a dentures in Turkey until the time you are fully recovered, even if you are back home. The exact dentures procedure in Turkey depends on the type of operation involved.

The cost of dentures in Turkey does not demonstrate many variations in 2024. Compared to costs in developed countries like the United States or the UK, dentures costs in Turkey are relatively low. So, it’s no wonder patients from across the world visit Turkey for dentures procedures. However, price is not the only factor affecting choices. We suggest looking for hospitals that are safe and have dentures reviews on Google. When people decide to seek medical help for dentures, they will not only have had low-cost procedures in Turkey, but also the safest and best treatment.

At clinics or hospitals contracted with Healthy Türkiye, patients will receive the best dentures from specialist doctors in Turkey at affordable rates. Healthy Türkiye teams to provide medical attention dentures procedures and high-quality treatment to patients at a minimum cost. When you contact Healthy Türkiye assistants, you can get free information about the cost of dentures in Turkey and what this cost covers.

Price of Dentures in the UK

The price of dentures in the UK is in the range of £2.000-£16.000.

Price of Dentures in the USA

The price of dentures in the USA is in the range of $2.100-$18.000.

Price Of Dentures in Turkey

The price of dentures in Turkey is in the range of $500-$2.500.

The prices may vary based on specific procedure requirements. Contact us for exact price information.

Why Is Dentures Cheaper in Turkey?

One of the main considerations before traveling abroad for dentures is the cost-effectiveness of the whole process. Many patients think that when they add flight tickets and hotel expenses to their dentures costs, it will become very expensive to travel, which is not true. Contrary to popular belief, round-trip flight tickets to Turkey for dentures can be booked very affordably.

In this case, assuming you are staying in Turkey for your dentures, your total travel expense of flight tickets and accommodation will only cost less than any other developed country, which is nothing compared to the amount that you are saving. The question “Why is dentures cheaper in Turkey?” is so common among patients or people simply curious about getting their medical treatment in Turkey. When it comes to dentures prices in Turkey, there are 3 factors allowing cheaper prices:

The currency exchange is favorable for whoever looking for dentures has a euro, dollar, or pound;

The lower cost of living and cheaper overall medical expenses such as dentures;

For dentures, incentives are given by the Turkish Government to medical clinics working with international clients;

All these factors allow for cheaper dentures prices, but let’s be clear, these prices are cheaper for people with strong currencies (as we said, euro, dollar, Canadian dollar, pound, etc).

Every year, thousands of patients from all over the world come to Turkey to get dentures. The success of the healthcare system has increased in recent years, especially for dentures. It’s easy to find well-educated and English-speaking medical professionals in Turkey for all kinds of medical treatment, such as dentures.

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Why Choose Turkey for Dentures?

Turkey is a common choice among international patients seeking advanced dentures. Turkey’s health procedures are safe and effective operations with a high success rate like dentures. The increasing demand for high-quality dentures at affordable prices has made Turkey a popular medical travel destination. In Turkey, dentures are performed by highly experienced and trained doctors with the most advanced technology in the world. dentures are done in Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya, and other major cities. The reasons for choosing dentures in Turkey are as follows:

High-quality hospitals: Joint Commission International (JCI) accredited hospitals have dedicated denture units that are specially designed for patients. International and national strict protocols provide effective and successful dentures for patients in Turkey.

Qualified experts: The expert teams include nurses and specialist doctors, together to carry out dentures according to the patient’s needs. All the included doctors are highly experienced in performing dentures.

Affordable price: The cost of dentures in Turkey is affordable compared to Europe, the USA, the UK, Singapore, Australia, etc.

The high success rate: Highly experienced specialists, the best available technology, and stringently followed safety guidelines for post-operative care of the patient, resulting in a high success rate for dentures in Turkey.

Are Dentures Safe in Turkey?

Did you know Turkey is one of the most visited destinations for dentures in the world? It is ranked one of the most popular tourist destinations for dentures. Over the years, it has also come to be a very popular medical tourism destination too with many tourists coming in for dentures. There are so many reasons why Turkey stands out as a leading destination for dentures. Because Turkey is both safe and easy to travel to, with a regional airport hub and flight connections to pretty much everywhere, it is preferred for dentures.

The best hospitals in Turkey have experienced medical staff and specialists who have performed thousands of medical services, such as dentures. All procedures and coordination related to dentures are controlled by the Ministry of Health in accordance with the law. Over many years, the greatest progress in medicine has been observed in the field of dentures. Turkey is known among foreign patients for its great opportunities in the area of dentures.

To emphasize, besides the price itself, the key factor in selecting a destination for dentures is certainly the standard of medical services, the hospital staff’s high level of expertise, hospitality, and the safety of the country.

All-Inclusive Packages for Dentures in Turkey

Healthy Türkiye offers all-inclusive packages for dentures in Turkey at much lower prices. Extremely professional and experienced doctors and technicians carry out high-quality dentures. The cost of dentures in European countries can be quite expensive, especially in the UK. Healthy Türkiye provides cheap all-inclusive packages for a long and short stay of dentures in Turkey. Because of many factors, we can provide you with many opportunities for your dentures in Turkey.

The price of dentures differs from other countries due to medical fees, staff labor prices, exchange rates, and market competition. You can save much more in dentures compared to other countries in Turkey. When you purchase dentures all-inclusive packages with Healthy Türkiye, our healthcare team will present hotels for you to choose from. In dentures travel, you will have the price of your stay included in the all-inclusive package cost.

In Turkey, when you purchase dentures all-inclusive packages through Healthy Türkiye, you will always receive VIP transfers. These are provided by Healthy Türkiye, which has contracted with highly qualified hospitals for dentures in Turkey. Healthy Türkiye teams will organize everything about dentures for you and have you picked up from the airport and safely brought to your accommodation. Once settled in the hotel, you will be transferred to and from the clinic or hospital for dentures. After your dentures has been successfully completed, the transfer team will return you to the airport in time for your flight home. In Turkey, all packages of dentures can be arranged upon request, which relaxes the minds of our patients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dentures are removable false teeth that replace some or all missing natural teeth – either bridging gaps or replacing an entire set.

Dentures are generally worn during the day and taken out at night to give the oral tissues time to relax. During the first few days after receiving the denture, however, it requires to remain in the mouth even when sleeping to best identify areas that need to be adjusted. This is especially critical after receiving an immediate denture, for the gum tissues will swell after the teeth are extracted or lost and then might not permit the denture to be reinserted if taken out.

There may be some initial rubbing and soreness as someone gets used to a new set of dentures, but as the gums adjust, this should pass quickly. If it does, then just book an appointment with the dentist.

New dentures might feel awkward or uncomfortable for the first few weeks or even months. Eating and speaking with dentures may take a little practice. Until the muscles in your cheeks and tongue learn to hold your dentures in place, it's normal to feel bulky or loose. It's also common to experience excessive salivation, the impression that the tongue doesn't have enough room, and slight irritability or pain. See your dentist at Healthy Türkiye if you feel irritated.

Eating with new dentures will take a little practice and might be uncomfortable for some wearers for a few weeks. To get used to the new denture, begin with soft foods cut into small pieces. Chew slowly using both sides of your mouth. Add additional meals as you grow adjusted to your new dentures until you resume a normal diet. With hot or hard meals as well as sharp-edged bones or shells, exercise caution. Also, stay away from excessively hard or sticky meals. Moreover, you should refrain from chewing gum while wearing the denture. Also, avoid using toothpicks when wearing dentures.

Pronouncing certain words might take practice. Reading out loud and repeating difficult words will help. If you find that your dentures occasionally slip when you laugh, cough or smile, reposition them by gently biting down and swallowing. If this happens a lot, see your dentist at Healthy Türkiye.

To get rid of food, plaque, and other deposits, soak them and brush them using a soft-bristled brush and a nonabrasive denture cleaner. Clean the grooves that fit against your gums if you use denture adhesive to get rid of any leftover glue. Denture cleaners shouldn't be used in the mouth.

While you're not using them, keeping your dentures in water helps to keep them clean and ensures that they maintain their shape. Dentures can grow dry and brittle when not kept in water. They might break or crack as a result of this.