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About Microdiscectomy Spine Surgery in Turkey

Microdiscectomy spine surgery in Turkey is a type of neurological surgery in which a little portion of the bone that is crushing the nerve root or spinal cord is removed to reduce discomfort caused by the condition. The surgery, which is particularly efficient in the treatment of sciatica and ruptured lumbar discs, gives rapid relief from pain caused by nerve root compression.

Microdiscectomy is a common and reliable procedure that is approved by the majority of Turkish neurosurgical specialists. Patients with sciatica caused by a lumbar herniated disc are more likely to undergo microdiscectomy if they have had no or limited response to conventional therapy. Microdiscectomy is a popular surgical treatment performed by reputable Turkish neurosurgery doctors. It entails removing a part of the intervertebral disc that has protruded or herniated, squeezing the spinal nerve root that runs through it.

Traditionally, spinal surgeons in Turkey ensure ruptured disc removal with a big surgical incision. The wide surgical exposure necessitated lengthy hospital stays as well as longer recuperation times due to the lack of telescopic glasses or a microscope. However, times have changed, and diagnosis is now simpler and less expensive, thanks to the best Turkish hospitals affiliated with Healthy Türkiye medical tourism perks.

Tubular, mini-open, and endoscopic microdiscectomy spine surgeries in Turkey are the three basic procedures for doing microdiscectomy. The mini-open microdiscectomy is similar to an open discectomy, but it uses new technology to view the spine through smaller incisions. Endoscopic microdiscectomy entails inserting a small video camera, known as an endoscope, via a tube to observe the spine. The surgeon would then use microscopic devices to remove disc material.

Treatment at an affordable cost, excellent hospital infrastructure, the availability of experienced surgeons and highly professional paramedical staff, the latest and most advanced equipment, and rehabilitation facilities for accelerated recovery all contribute to Turkey being the most sought-after destination for medical treatment. If you’re considering medical procedures like discectomy surgery in Turkey, you can benefit from these advantages and receive top-notch healthcare services.

Healthy Türkiye understands the suffering that patients go through, and they help many individuals all over the world get the best consultation and treatment from the most recognized specialist in Turkish neurosurgery.

Microdiscectomy spine surgery turkiye

Microdiscectomy Spine Surgery Procedure in Turkey

A microdiscectomy spine surgery in Turkey removes the portion of the disc that is putting pressure on the nerve with minimal disruption to bone and tissue. This is accomplished by a microscopic surgical method in which only the portion of the disc producing the pressure is removed rather than the entire disc.

Microdiscectomy is making a small incision in the lower back while being sedated. A microscope is used during surgery to provide a clearer picture of the tissues and to minimize disruption to the surrounding structures, thus enhancing precision. The disc is approached from behind, and only the piece pressing on the nerve is removed; the entire disc is not removed.

The information will assist you to comprehend what we are offering you and why. Please keep in mind that agreeing to surgery is entirely your choice. The team’s job is to present you with the facts and options as we see them. You have the right to alter your mind at any time; if you need more information, please ask a member of the staff.

The advantages of surgery include an 80-90% possibility of significant reduction of leg pain. However, there is no promise that you will experience any alleviation from back pain, improvement in limb weakness, or changes in sensation/feeling prior to surgery.

If your pain or symptoms change, or if you develop new medical conditions or become ill, it is critical that you contact the spinal nurses or your consultant’s office as soon as possible, but certainly, before you arrive for your admission. This is particularly important if you have undergone discectomy surgery in Turkey.

Turkey microdiscectomy spine surgery

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How Is Microdiscectomy Spine Surgery Performed in Turkey?

Microdiscectomy spine surgery in Turkey is a treatment used to treat pain and other symptoms caused by a herniated disc in the spine pressing on a nearby nerve root. During the procedure, the surgeon frees the nerve by removing the tiny discs, bone, and ligament pieces.

Microdiscectomy is commonly referred to as minimally invasive spine surgery since it only requires a small incision and the use of a microscope or surgical glasses known as loupes to magnify the site of the damage. To work in the restricted space of the spine, the surgeon also employs smaller equipment and devices. Microdiscectomy is a sort of spinal decompression surgery, and the term microdecompression may also be used to describe the treatment, which defines the surgical removal of any bone or ligament that is compressing a nerve. However, the phrase “microdiscectomy” refers to the removal of the herniated disc tissue segment that is causing the patient’s problems.

Because most patients will heal from a herniated disc without surgery, microdiscectomy is only suggested if conservative treatment, such as physical therapy, cortisone injections, and other medication, has failed for at least 6 to 12 weeks. Motor weakness may be a reason to have this operation sooner in some circumstances. Cauda equina syndrome patients necessitate prompt surgical intervention. This is a condition in which nerve pressure in the lower spine affects bladder and bowel function, but it affects less than 1% of the population.

To get access to the herniated disc and nerve, microdiscectomy surgery can be approached utilizing one of three minimally invasive techniques: a midline, tubular, or endoscopic microdiscectomy.

Traditionally, a discectomy required a major incision and the removal of the entire disc. Today, practically all spine surgeons do microdiscectomies due to the availability of updated techniques and technology. The technique usually provides immediate, if not immediate, pain alleviation. Healthy Türkiye helps you find the best surgeons who specialize in microdiscectomies in Turkey.

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Good Candidate for Microdiscectomy Spine Surgery in Turkey

A patient with a spinal problem may exhibit a variety of symptoms depending on the type of spinal ailment. In some circumstances, lumbar microdiscectomy surgery might alleviate back and leg pain. The doctor first advises non-invasive procedures such as steroid injections, physical therapy, and medicine to alleviate pain and improve movement. In the following cases, a candidate should undergo microdiscectomy spine surgery:

Diagnostic and imaging tests such as MRI, CT, and myelogram all show that the disc is herniated.

Severe and chronic pain, weakness, or numbness in the leg or back

Sciatica is a condition that produces leg pain that is worse than back pain.

Symptoms that do not respond to treatments such as physical therapy or medication

Cauda equina syndrome is characterized by leg weakness, loss of sensation in the genital area, and loss of bladder and stool control.

When non-invasive treatments fail to relieve acute leg pain, the patient may require surgery. Surgery may be considered sooner than six weeks if a patient is having difficulty sleeping, working, or performing routine activities despite pain medication and other therapy. In such cases, discectomy surgery in Turkey can be a viable option.

Recovery from Microdiscectomy Spine Surgery in Turkey

Microdiscectomy spine surgery in Turkey, also known as microlumbar discectomy (MLD), is a procedure used to treat individuals who have a painful lumbar herniated disc. Microdiscectomy is one of the most common surgeries performed by spine surgeons. The herniated or bulging piece of the intervertebral disc that is crushing the traveling spinal nerve root is removed during the procedure.

Years ago, most spine surgeons would remove a herniated disc with a big surgical incision and surgical exposure without the use of a microscope or telescopic glasses, resulting in a lengthy hospital stay and recuperation period. To eliminate disc herniation, many surgeons now adopt a microscopic surgical approach with a small, minimally-invasive poke-hole incision, allowing for a faster recovery.

The microdiscectomy recovery period is substantially less than that of any other invasive treatment. The patient should be able to leave the hospital within 24 hours of the procedure. Before leaving the hospital, patients may be advised to see a physical therapist. The therapist will show the patient how to reduce back twisting and bending. The therapist may suggest certain exercises to strengthen and stretch the muscles around the spine.

Patients are urged not to drive, sit for an extended amount of time, carry anything heavy, or bend over immediately following surgery. After two weeks, the patient can resume normal activities, however, they are advised to avoid moving heavy objects for at least four weeks. It takes at least four to six weeks to fully recover from a microdiscectomy treatment.

Common Signs of Reherniation

Reherniation after microdiscectomy can occur in the immediate postoperative period, a few weeks to a few months later, or even years later. A herniation may manifest as back pain for up to two years following a microdiscectomy in some cases. When this occurs, patients may feel symptoms similar to the original disc herniation complaints. As a patient, you should be aware of the following five classic symptoms:

Pain radiating from the back or buttocks into the leg or foot

Numbness and tingling in the leg or foot, as well as leg weakness and decreased reflexes in the knee or ankle region

Back pain at the surgical site

Back discomfort that occurs intermittently or continuously with and without movement

Coughing, sneezing, or bearing down causes pain.

When a patient has recurrent disc herniation, he or she may also complain of pain in a new location, severity, or connected to physical activity. These variations could be the result of another site of compression or a nerve root anchoring to epidural fibrosis. In such cases, discectomy surgery in Turkey may be recommended to address the recurrent disc herniation.

Why Would You Need Microdiscectomy Spine Surgery in Turkey?

A discectomy, also known as a percutaneous discectomy or lumbar discectomy, is the surgical removal of a herniated section of the intervertebral disc (the nucleus pulposus) that is pushing on a nerve or spinal cord. Removing a portion or all of the problematic discs can cause with pain, numbness, weakness, balance concerns, and mobility limitations.

Microdiscectomy spine surgery in Turkey is a less invasive variation of the procedure that can be performed on different areas of the spine. A lumbar microdiscectomy, for example, may be performed by your surgeon to remove a herniated part of a lumbar disc in your lower back. The surgeon uses a microscope and laser to remove the portion of the nucleus pulposus through a small incision during a microdiscectomy surgery. If you’re considering discectomy surgery in Turkey, it’s crucial to consult with experienced medical professionals for the best possible outcomes.

Turkiye microdiscectomy spine surgery procedure

2024 Cost of Microdiscectomy Spine Surgery in Turkey

All types of medical attentions like microdiscectomy spine surgery are very affordable in Turkey. Many factors are also included in determining the cost of microdiscectomy spine surgery in Turkey. Your process with Healthy Türkiye will last from the time you decide to have a microdiscectomy spine surgery in Turkey until the time you are fully recovered even if you are back home. The exact microdiscectomy spine surgery procedure cost in Turkey depends on the type of operation involved.

The cost of microdiscectomy spine surgery in Turkey does not demonstrate many variations in 2022. Compared to costs in developed countries like the United States or the UK, microdiscectomy spine surgery costs in Turkey are relatively low. So, it’s no wonder patients from across the world visit Turkey for microdiscectomy spine surgery procedures. However, the price is not the only factor affecting choices. We suggest looking for hospitals that are safe and have microdiscectomy spine surgery reviews on Google. When people decide to seek medical help for microdiscectomy spine surgery, they will not only have had low-cost procedures in Turkey, but also the safest and best treatment.

At clinics or hospitals contracted with Healthy Türkiye, patients will receive the best microdiscectomy spine surgery from specialist doctors in Turkey at affordable rates. Healthy Türkiye teams provide medical attention microdiscectomy spine surgery procedures and high-quality treatment to patients at a minimum cost. When you contact Healthy Türkiye assistants, you can get free information about the cost of microdiscectomy spine surgery in Turkey and what this cost covers.

Price of Microdiscectomy Spine Surgery in the UK

Microdiscectomy 2023 cost in the UK is between £20.000 and £30.000.

Price of Microdiscectomy Spine Surgery in the USA

Microdiscectomy 2023 cost in the USA is between $9.000 and $24.000.

Price of Microdiscectomy Spine Surgery in Turkey

Microdiscectomy 2023 price in Turkey is between $7.000 and $15.000.

The prices may vary based on specific procedure requirements. Contact us for exact price information.

Why Is Microdiscectomy Spine Surgery Cheaper in Turkey?

One of the main considerations before traveling abroad for microdiscectomy spine surgery is the cost-effectiveness of the whole process. Many patients think that when they add flight tickets and hotel expenses to their microdiscectomy spine surgery costs, it will become very expensive to travel, which is not true. Contrary to popular belief, round-trip flight tickets to Turkey for microdiscectomy spine surgery can be booked very affordably. In this case, assuming you are staying in Turkey for your microdiscectomy spine surgery, your total travel expense of flight tickets and accommodation will only cost less than any other developed country, which is nothing compared to the amount that you are saving.

The question “why is microdiscectomy spine surgery cheaper in Turkey?” is so common between patients or people simply curious about getting their medical treatment in Turkey. When it comes to microdiscectomy spine surgery prices in Turkey, there are 3 factors allow cheaper prices:

The currency exchange is favorable for whoever looking for microdiscectomy spine surgery has a euro, dollar, or pound;

The lower cost of living and cheaper overall medical expenses such as microdiscectomy spine surgery;

For microdiscectomy spine surgery, incentives are given by the Turkish Government to medical clinics working with international clients;

All these factors allow for cheaper microdiscectomy spine surgery prices, but let’s be clear, these prices are cheaper for people with strong currencies (as we said, the euro, dollar, Canadian dollar, pound, etc).

Every year, thousands of patients from all over the world come to Turkey to get microdiscectomy spine surgery. The success of the healthcare system has increased in recent years, especially for microdiscectomy spine surgery. It’s easy to find well-educated and English-speaking medical professionals in Turkey for all kinds of medical treatment, such as microdiscectomy spine surgery.

Turkiye microdiscectomy spine surgery

Why Choose Turkey for Microdiscectomy Spine Surgery?

Turkey is a common choice among international patients seeking advanced microdiscectomy spine surgery. Turkey’s health procedures are safe and effective operations with a high success rate like microdiscectomy spine surgery. The increasing demand for high-quality microdiscectomy spine surgery at affordable prices has made Turkey a popular medical travel destination. In Turkey, microdiscectomy spine surgery is performed by highly experienced and trained doctors with the most advanced technology in the world. Microdiscectomy spine surgery is done in Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya, and other major cities. The reasons for choosing microdiscectomy spine surgery in Turkey are as follows:

High-quality hospitals: Joint Commission International (JCI) accredited hospitals have dedicated microdiscectomy spine surgery units that are specially designed for patients. International and national strict protocols provide effective and successful microdiscectomy spine surgery for patients in Turkey.

Qualified experts: The expert teams include nurses and specialist doctors, together to carry out microdiscectomy spine surgery according to the patient’s needs. All the included doctors are highly experienced in performing microdiscectomy spine surgery.

Affordable price: The cost of microdiscectomy spine surgery in Turkey is affordable compared to Europe, the USA, the UK, Singapore, Australia, etc.

The high success rate: Highly experienced specialists, the best available technology, and stringently followed safety guidelines for post-operative care of the patient, resulting in a high success rate for microdiscectomy spine surgery in Turkey.

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Is Microdiscectomy Spine Surgery Safe in Turkey?

Did you know Turkey is one of the most visited destinations for microdiscectomy spine surgery in the world? It is ranked as one of the most popular tourist destinations for microdiscectomy spine surgery. Over the years, it has also come to be a very popular medical tourism destination too with many tourists coming in for microdiscectomy spine surgery. There are so many reasons why Turkey stands out as a leading destination for microdiscectomy spine surgery. Because Turkey is both safe and easy to travel to, with a regional airport hub and flight connections to pretty much everywhere, it is preferred for microdiscectomy spine surgery.

The best hospitals in Turkey have experienced medical staff and specialists who have performed thousands of medical services, such as microdiscectomy spine surgery. All procedures and coordination related to microdiscectomy spine surgery are controlled by the Ministry of Health in accordance with the law. Over many years, the greatest progress in medicine has been observed in the field of microdiscectomy spine surgery. Turkey is known among foreign patients for its great opportunities in the area of microdiscectomy spine surgery.

To emphasize, besides the price itself, the key factor in selecting a destination for microdiscectomy spine surgery is certainly the standard of medical services, the hospital staff’s high expertise, hospitality, and the safety of the country.

All-Inclusive Packages for Microdiscectomy Spine Surgery in Turkey

Healthy Türkiye offers all-inclusive packages for microdiscectomy spine surgery in Turkey at much lower prices. Extremely professional and experienced doctors and technicians carry out high-quality microdiscectomy spine surgery. The cost of microdiscectomy spine surgery in European countries can be quite expensive, especially in the UK. Healthy Türkiye provides cheap all-inclusive packages for a long and short stay of microdiscectomy spine surgery in Turkey. Because of many factors, we can provide you with many opportunities for your microdiscectomy spine surgery in Turkey.

The price of microdiscectomy spine surgery differs from other countries due to medical fees, staff labor prices, exchange rates, and market competition. You can save much more on microdiscectomy spine surgery in Turkey compared to other countries. When you purchase a microdiscectomy spine surgery all-inclusive package with Healthy Türkiye, our healthcare team will present hotels for you to choose from. In microdiscectomy spine surgery travel, you will have the price of your stay included in the all-inclusive package cost.

In Turkey, when you purchase microdiscectomy spine surgery all-inclusive packages through Healthy Türkiye, you will always receive VIP transfers. These are provided by Healthy Türkiye, which has contracted with highly qualified hospitals for microdiscectomy spine surgery in Turkey. Healthy Türkiye teams will organize everything about microdiscectomy spine surgery for you and have you picked up from the airport and safely brought to your accommodation. Once settled in the hotel, you will be transferred to and from the clinic or hospital for microdiscectomy spine surgery. After your microdiscectomy spine surgery has been successfully completed, the transfer team will return you to the airport in time for your flight home. In Turkey, all packages of microdiscectomy spine surgery can be arranged upon request, which relaxes the minds of our patients. You can reach out Healthy Türkiye for everything you need to know about microdiscectomy spine surgery in Turkey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Despite the fact that microdiscectomy recovery durations are often substantially shorter than those of more invasive spine surgeries, they are nonetheless important procedures that require general anesthesia. As a result, they necessitate thorough scrutiny prior to medical personnel releasing you to return home.

It may take up to 8 weeks to get back to completing the usual activities. The doctor may suggest patients work with a physiotherapist to strengthen the muscles around the spine and trunk. You will need to learn how to lift, twist, and bend so the patient doesn’t put too much strain on your back.

You should expect your back to feel stiff or uncomfortable following surgery. This should improve in the weeks after surgery. You may receive relief from your symptoms straight quickly, or you may get better over days or weeks. In the weeks after your surgery, it may be challenging to sit or stand in one position for a very long.

You should be up and moving around within 24 hours of surgery. Although taking many short walks per day is suggested, walking too soon after a microdiscectomy treatment can impede your recovery.

Paralysis is a danger of discectomy surgery. As with most spine procedures, there is a chance that the spinal cord will be injured during the procedure, resulting in paralysis or weakening of the torso or limbs. However, the odds of paralysis developing are quite low, particularly during a microdiscectomy treatment.

Walking is permissible at any time. You may proceed up the steps. Sitting is fine, however, avoid sitting for lengthy periods of time since this may create discomfort.

Full healing normally takes around 8 weeks, after which patients can resume their normal physical activity with no restrictions.