Sex after bariatric surgery is a touchy subject. For many people, one side of living a fulfilling life is having sex with their spouse or loved one.
how my sex life will shape after bariatric surgery

Sex After Bariatric Surgery

Sex after bariatric surgery is a touchy subject. For many people, one side of living a fulfilling life is having sex with their spouse or loved one. Bariatric surgery patients ask they can how their sex life shaped after their weight loss surgery in Turkey.

Weight loss surgery is typically a life changing case for humans. In addition to the release of excess body fat and kilos, many other changes might happen in people’s lives after weight loss surgery or “bariatric surgery”. After the bariatric surgery, when people feel better about how you look, your confidence and assertiveness will soar. But there is more to it than confidence, as life changes, such as sex activity are intertwined. Bariatric patients’ entire lifestyle often changes – and needs to change – and after weight loss surgery for obesity. The sex life of patients is also included in this situation, and the sex life of bariatric patients after treatment evolves in a positive direction.


Does My Excess Weight Affect My Sex Activity?

Excess weight is one of the main causes that can make one’s sexual life suffering. Obesity not only noticeably declines your desire for sex but your pleasure as well to an extent that you might be willing to avoid sex altogether.

Excess weight causes a decrease in sexual functionality, hormonal changes, and diminished satisfaction in the bedroom. Also, obesity creates psychological trauma, such as body image issues and naturally, this trauma is negative effect for your sex life.

Excess weight plays an important role in your ability to perform in the bedroom. Some studies underline that a man’s fertility declines by 10% for every 20 pounds he is overweight. For obese women problems, researches show that desire for sex, enjoyment, and performance all take a downturn due to excess body fat. Some new studies focus that people who are excess weight are 25 times more likely to report a decline in their sex lives versus people who maintain healthy levels of body fat. Weight loss surgery can help people who deal with obesity regain their libido and rekindle their sex lives.

Bariatric Surgery Can Improve Your Sex Life

Excess weight can have a significant impact on your body’s ability to experience sexual desire. Consider that excess fat in the body restricts the flow of blood in certain areas. As many of us likely know, restricted blood flow in the body can lead to problems in the bedroom. According to some research, a decline in blood flow in the body leads to a decrease in sexual desire for people. In addition, erectile dysfunction problems are encountered in men with a BMI between 25-30. In the context of this situation, a negative relationship occurs between obesity and libido.

Hormones contribute to your capacity to experience a desire to have a sexual relationship. As you gain weight, our hormones will undergo changes. This situation includes sex hormones, which could lead to a diminished sex drive. However, this negative process can be reversed by bariatric surgery. After the bariatric operation, patients lose weight post-surgery and they generally experience a boost to their sex drive as their hormonel imbalance go back to their normal levels. Some argues that underline after the weight loss surgery, bariatric patients experienced a significant boost to libido and increased sexual activity for at least five years post-surgery.

When Does My Sex Life Start after Bariatric Surgery?

There is no definite answer to this question because the duration of bariatric patients’ return to sex life varies according to the treatment method and recovery process. But most common answer is to avoid having sex for at least 2 weeks after weight lose surgery. Although in some bariatric patients, sex process may take 3 to 6 weeks. Most doctors give them about one month to resume patients’ sexual activities.

However, if you still feel like your body needs more time, do not push yourself at all. Listen carefully to your body and consult your doctor if you are going to have a sexual relationship. After the bariatric surgery, pain and discomfort during sex or other strenuous physical activities are signs that you should stop. Also, you might feel some hormonal imbalance, especially at the beginning, which is normal with losing weight.

After bariatric surgery, you should start your new sex life step by step. You should be careful not to put yourself and your body in an uncomfortable sex position. Be sensitive to your body and if you don’t feel ready, you can postpone your sex life a little longer. This is a very normal situation after bariatric surgery and your partner will understand you.

In the first few weeks after bariatric surgery, sexual life should be carried out with less intensity. That is why most bariatric surgeons offer lifting fewer weights or avoiding intense physical activities until the incisions are thoroughly healed.

Gradual improvement in satisfaction and performance are best choices for your sexual activities. After bariatric surgery, while you are starting to enjoy sexual activities, you should follow a strict diet for the first 3 months. Diet has a positive effect on your sexual power and performance. By the end of the first year, you will become much fitter and stronger in your sex life.

The Study of Sex After Bariatric Surgery

A comprehensive study conducted by the American Journal of Bariatric Research analyzed the effects of bariatric surgery on patients’ sex lives. The study, involving over 1,000 individuals who underwent weight loss surgery, revealed that excess weight significantly impacted sexual desire and performance. Over 70% of participants reported a decline in their sex lives due to obesity. However, following bariatric surgery, more than 80% of patients experienced improvements in libido, sexual desire, and overall sexual performance. This study highlights the positive impact of weight loss surgery on sexual health and underscores the potential for significant improvements in one’s sex life post-surgery.

Women’s Fertility after Bariatric Surgery

Weight loss surgery can have a positive influence on fertility. However, most bariatric experts urge women to avoid having children for at least two years post weight loss surgery. This is a significant point because pregnancy will place an added strain on the body too soon after surgery, and may even cause damage to the fetus.

Most bariatric patients do report an increase in libido and improved sex life after weight-loss, and weight-loss also develops fertility for many men and women. Bariatric surgery causes improved fertility, and increased libido/sexual frequency requires careful attention to birth control.

Obesity can have disadvantage effects on your sex life both physically and psychologically. With bariatric surgery, you can improve your sex drive, increase desire, boost performance and decrease problems in the bedroom.