Finding the most affordable weight loss surgery might be difficult. In addition to cost, crucial factors to take into account include waiting lists and the standard of care provided.
affordable countries for gastric sleeve surgery

Affordable Countries for Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Finding the most affordable weight loss surgery might be difficult. In addition to cost, crucial factors to take into account include waiting lists and the standard of care provided. It can be challenging to combine all of these, especially since it can be challenging to find high-quality, reasonably priced weight loss surgery in the UK. Long waiting lists and strict qualifying requirements frequently push patients to seek treatment at private hospitals, where the cost of care is out of reach for many.

Due to these factors, getting weight loss surgery abroad is becoming more and more common. However, it can be challenging to know where to start with the abundance of places, clinics, and doctors, not to mention treatment alternatives, to pick from. We’ve researched the cheapest weight loss surgery alternatives available worldwide to get you started. The top options for weight reduction surgery have been selected for you after careful consideration of price, treatment options, and quality of care they offer.

Where Can I Have the Best and Cheapest Weight Loss Surgery?

The number of Americans, Canadians, and Europeans who come abroad for weight reduction surgery has increased dramatically in recent years. Today, a wide range of trustworthy clinics and highly experienced doctors provide bariatric operations.

Below, we’ve selected some of the greatest options for weight reduction surgery from across the globe, taking into consideration factors like price, therapies offered, and the standing of the facilities and doctors.



Due to the inexpensive cost of the procedure and the lack of a waiting list, more patients are now traveling to Turkey to have gastric sleeve surgery. A gastric sleeve operation costs about £6,700 here, which is less than the price paid at a German clinic and even less than the price of the same procedure in a private facility in the United Kingdom.

Even while this is a compelling argument for traveling to Turkey for surgery, keep in mind that it would take over 5 hours to get there from the UK, which is a long time to travel after an invasive procedure.


Czech Republic

The top clinic in the Czech Republic is ISCARE, which is situated in Prague and is regarded as a global leader in bariatric surgery, notably gastric balloon procedures. The Czech Republic is a nation in Central Europe. & provides a distinctive blend of first-rate treatment at affordable prices.

The bariatric surgeons at the clinics are associated with well-known worldwide medical associations such as the International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity and Metabolic Disorders (IFSO), which enables them to remain abreast of advances in the field of weight loss surgery. The clinic is another fantastic option for people who merely wish to travel inside ring a small but enhanced risk of stomach perforation. Erosions may be dealt with surgically or endoscopically, and your surgeon will determine this with you before you proceed.



Lithuania, which receives more than 1,000 patients yearly, is another option in Europe. One of the top facilities for bariatric care is Lithuania’s Kardiolita Hospital. The facility, which opened in 1998, provides entire treatment packages for international patients as well as some of the most reasonable pricing for weight reduction surgery; for instance, a gastric bypass operation starts at €5,570.


India is unquestionably among the cheapest nations in Asia for gastric sleeve surgery. This is due to a general pricing strategy that is based on the income of the local populace and the living wage. A gastric sleeve operation costs around three to four times less in India than it would in the UK or any other Western European nation, such as Spain or Germany. By having your surgery here, you might save your expenses by as much as 80%, with pricing hovering around £6,000.

The low cost of medicine in India is another factor contributing to the country’s appeal to patients seeking surgery abroad. Here, generic medications are produced that are far less expensive than the branded medications available abroad and are just as effective.

Costa Rica

There is a collection of intimate, quaint, and luxurious lodges and hotels in Costa Rica, each with its own personality and aesthetic; unique, exceptional, and with first-rate services designed for an upmarket traveler with high standards. In addition to being devoted to Costa Rica’s CST accreditation of sustainable tourism, we believe in sound environmental hotel practices.

In 2011, 48,000 patients seeking dental, orthopedic, plastic, cosmetic, preventative, gynecological, and bariatric surgical services traveled to Costa Rica, the majority from the United States and Canada. In 2014, Costa Rica hopes to increase the number of medical visitors to 100,000. On October 29 in San Jose, the nation will hold ExpoMED 2013, a national conference for the development of worldwide health tourism standards and best practices.


The gastric sleeve is a weight reduction procedure that is becoming more and more popular in Mexico. Making the decision to have weight reduction surgery is not simple. But if you do, keep in mind to acquire as much information as you can to boost your chances of success and minimize any undesirable side effects.

Mexicali Bariatric Center in Mexico, which has more than 10 years of expertise, is now the top bariatric facility in the country and one of the patients’ preferred options for weight reduction surgery.


Because of the packages and programs used to help international patients locate the medical care they require in the nation, Thailand offers very excellent value for anybody seeking the cheapest nation for gastric sleeve surgery.

The packages on offer not only include the hotel but also the operation and the supplies. If you get your surgery in Thailand, you could be able to save up to 75% of the cost. Thailand’s appeal as a holiday destination following surgery is another factor in its popularity, provided you have the money to take the time off from work.


If you want to stay close to home, you might choose to have your gastric sleeve procedure performed in France. French clinics are exceedingly sanitary and secure, with staff members who are highly certified medical experts. French doctors have expertise in doing weight loss surgery, with almost 60,000 procedures having been conducted so far. The cost of therapy is higher in this country than it would be in other countries, similar to Germany. About £9,000 should be budgeted for your therapy here.


Germany is among the finest locations in Europe for gastric sleeve surgery. First off, the surgeons have a great deal of expertise doing this sort of surgery. More than 130 surgeons in Germany specialize in bariatric surgeries, according to a 2014 article in the Bariatric Times Journal. This often indicates that the doctors are extremely skilled, which raises their operation success rate to above 90%.

Which Country Has the Greatest Bariatric Surgery?

In recent years, bariatric procedures have been available everywhere. Successful operations are carried out all around the world because of the expanding technical possibilities and the expertise of medical professionals. The most prosperous of these nations is Turkey.

The procedures are conducted with a high success rate, and both the pricing and costs are reasonable. Surgeons with expertise, facilities with the necessary equipment, and skilled medical teams execute procedures that provide positive outcomes. Three to four times less expensive than in European nations is Turkey.

Excellent care is given both before and after the procedure. If you’ve made the decision to get bariatric surgery, you should certainly think about going to Turkey. Thousands of people travel to Turkey each year for this procedure.

Why Do People Have Weight Loss Surgery Abroad?

People are preferring to get surgery overseas at an increased frequency. It’s a movement that has gained so much traction that it has its own name: “medical tourism.” The medical tourism business is patient travel is expected to increase by at least 20% per year, yet we lack access to correct statistics since patients don’t always report their travels.

People choose weight loss surgery overseas for a variety of reasons, such as cost savings, avoiding NHS waiting lists, and eligibility requirements. Many people don’t even meet the requirements for the operation because of the NHS’s limited resources and mounting requests. Those who do frequently have to wait several months before the weight loss surgery can begin.

Many people are thus forced to visit private weight loss surgery facilities in order to receive weight loss surgery. Some patients find surgery in the UK to be prohibitively expensive, so they search for alternatives abroad, where the costs are lower. Speak to a UK bariatric surgeon or your GP before considering having surgery overseas to obtain some expert advice.

Weight Loss Surgery in the UK: Stand and Wait a Long Time?

Considering that the NHS offers high-quality care, the idea of traveling for weight loss surgery overseas may be a little intimidating for many people. Unfortunately, there are several obstacles that keep patients from getting the care they require at home. Treatment availability is one of the main problems. The NHS’s ever-shrinking capacity is the cause of the ever-expanding waiting lists for weight loss surgery. In fact, it was just recently reported that patients frequently need to wait at least 18 months before receiving therapy. In addition to waiting lists lengthening, the NHS’s capacity for performing surgeries is also declining.

The Study of Affordable Countries for Gastric Sleeve Surgery

A recent study conducted by the Medical Tourism Association found that the number of individuals opting for weight loss surgery abroad has been steadily increasing, with a projected annual growth rate of 20%. This rise in ‘medical tourism’ is attributed to cost savings, reduced waiting times, and a broader range of options available to patients. With the ever-expanding waiting lists and eligibility criteria in the UK, more individuals are exploring the option of weight loss surgery abroad to access affordable and timely care.

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