Bariatric surgery psychological evaluation is an important procedure recommended by specialist doctors in Turkey. Bariatric surgery can be stressful and it generally includes making a permanent modification to your body, so it is important that you are adequately prepared for this, both physically and emotionally.
bariatric surgery psychological evaluation in turkey

Bariatric Surgery Psychological Evaluation

Bariatric surgery psychological evaluation is an important procedure recommended by specialist doctors in Turkey. Bariatric surgery can be stressful and it generally includes making a permanent modification to your body, so it is important that you are adequately prepared for this, both physically and emotionally. Early recognition of possible stumbling blocks allows you to consider the changes that you may need to make for a successful surgical outcome.

Although this case may appear surprising to you, it has become a routine part of your preparation for operation. Your follow-up care will be provided by a team of specialists and each of them, including an exercise therapist, a dietitian, and a psychologist, will need to become more familiar with you and your personal situation and needs.

The necessity of a bariatric surgery psychological evaluation is not clear to all patients and therefore many of them feel stressed when it comes to this step of their bariatric assessment.

About Bariatric Surgery Psychological Evaluation

Bariatric surgery in Turkey is becoming more and more widespread and around the world. Emphasizing the importance of psychiatric findings in bariatric surgery, specialist doctors stated that it should be routinely evaluated in terms of eating disorders, psychiatric, and psychosocial disorders before and after the procedure.

The significance of psychiatric and psychosocial evaluation in bariatric surgery is growing day by day. Accordingly, many weight loss surgery centers and clinics apply a multidisciplinary patient evaluation approach, which also comprises psychiatric and psychosocial evaluation. There is no agreement guide that has been accepted in the world on this subject yet. In this context, there are different consensus texts and they are taken into account by health authorities.

Why Is Bariatric Surgery Psychological Evaluation Necessary?

Bariatric Surgery Psychological Evaluation prepares you for the best treatment practice and the best results. Your entire surgery team of doctors, nurses, and dietitians wants you to maximize your achievement to lose excess body weight, become a healthier person and improve the quality of your life to the greatest possible extent.

The psychological evaluation can help describe your strengths, such as a powerful motivation to exercise as your weight is coming off, a complete understanding of the effects of the operation, or a supportive marital relationship. It can also help find parts where you might need support after surgery, such as depression or mood swings, lack of family support, or triggers for past emotional eating.

What Does a Bariatric Surgery Psychological Evaluation Entail?

We can indicate the contents of the evaluations to be made before bariatric surgery as follows;

First, you should fill out some forms about your weight, eating, drinking, emotions, and alcohol use.

50-60 Minutes interview with an expert psychologist in the field:

Your eating habits should be analyzed. Many patients have unhealthy eating habits, and this is not a reason to refuse someone surgery. These habits will be discussed with you, thereby making recommendations for a more successful transition to your new lifestyle.

Your mood, emotional stability, and psychological history should be examined. It is completely normal for people to have their ups and downs from time to time, as well as normal bouts of sadness or anxiety.

Understand the bariatric surgery procedure, the risks involved, and the necessary long-term behavioral reform you need to do to be the most prepared for success. It’s very serious to have surgery. We just want to make sure he’s done his homework, is ready for surgery, and understands what to expect.

You can ask questions, voice your concerns and find answers to them.

The assessment test is not a test that has a result, as it has remained passed. This is more than just a discussion that will help you identify possible problems that may lead to difficulties after surgery. These are usually not a reason to delay or refuse surgery, as many overweight individuals may suffer from depression, anxiety, overeating, and other problems.

The majority of the evaluated patients are ready to undergo surgery. Special recommendations and directions should be given to those who need treatment before surgery. Ultimately, your surgeon will decide whether to proceed with the operation, not the psychologist.

The Study of Bariatric Surgery Psychological Evaluation

A recent study published in the International Journal of Obesity and Bariatric Surgery surveyed a large group of patients who underwent bariatric surgery and found that those who had undergone comprehensive psychological evaluations before the procedure had higher rates of successful long-term weight loss and improved mental well-being. The study emphasized the need for psychological assessments as a crucial part of the pre-surgical preparation, helping patients identify and address potential challenges and providing a foundation for better outcomes.

Psychological Support Both Before and After the Surgery

In your quest to improve your mental and physical health conditions, an expert bariatric psychologist in his field should accompany you from the very beginning of this journey until months or sometimes even years later.

After examining your mental state, an attempt is made to reduce the burden on your shoulders by targeting your mental concerns and educating you. The more you know about this psychosocial assessment and how you should deal with its difficulties, the more comfortable you will feel. If it is determined that bariatric surgery candidates need treatment before weight loss surgery, psychological treatment should be provided to achieve the best bariatric results.

This clinical assessment is not the same for all patients. However, you must have a positive experience with a psychologist and be able to establish reliable and open communication is important because it easily if you pass this situation, then, when you get ready to experience the negative effects of bariatric surgery, including psychological mood changes, you will feel more comfortable to share with them your thoughts. No one can give you sufficient psychological support like a specialist. We will be assisted by the expert teams at getting Healthy in a way that suits you in every respect. You can contact us for detailed information.