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About Adenoidectomy in Turkey

An adenoid removal or adenoidectomy in Turkey is surgery to remove your child’s adenoid glands. Adenoids are small lumps of tissue placed behind your nose in your upper airway.

Adenoids are a mass of tissue that, along with your tonsils, help keep you healthy by trapping harmful germs that pass through the nose and mouth. They also produce antibodies to help your body fight infections. Unlike tonsils, which may be easily seen by opening your mouth, you cannot see the adenoids. Sometimes X-rays can be taken to see them more clearly. While adenoids play an important role in keeping a person healthy, as you get older, adenoids become less important, because the body is able to fight infection in other ways. In fact, adenoids often get smaller around age 5-6 and virtually disappear by the teen years.

Even though adenoids help filter out germs from the body, sometimes they can get overwhelmed by bacteria and become infected. When this happens they get inflamed and swollen. This condition is called adenoiditis, it is most commonly seen in children, but sometimes affects adults.

As Healthy Türkiye, we care about your child’s health as much as you do. We bring together the best hospitals and specialist doctors in Turkey for your child.

Adenoidectomy turkiye

Adenoid Removal Surgery in Turkey

Adenoidectomy is a surgery method in Turkey where the adenoids are surgically removed through the mouth. The adenoids are removed with specialized dissecting tools to remove only the enlarged adenoids from the back of the child’s nose and throat. Adenoids are tonsil tissue in the back of the nose or high in the throat. It typically is not possible to see adenoids through the mouth and nose.

Enlarged adenoids can lead to snoring and difficulty breathing through the nose, restless sleep, or poor sleep quality. Enlarged adenoids are also associated with frequent ear infections, fluid buildup in the ear, or recurrent nasal or sinus infections. If your child has enlarged adenoids, it may be recommended that he or she have an adenoidectomy.

Adenoidectomy may sometimes be combined with a tonsillectomy if the tonsils are enlarged and also thought to be contributing to your child’s snoring and sleep problems, or other procedures, like ear tube placement, also may be combined. Besides, adenoidectomy can be recommended if your child’s sleep study shows obstructive sleep apnea.

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Diagnosis for Adenoidectomy in Turkey

The doctors will first ask about symptoms that are affecting your ear, nose, and throat, and feel the neck along the jaw. Then, they will likely carry out a further physical examination. The doctors will use a mirror and insert a small, flexible telescope through the nose to view the adenoids. Depending on what your doctors find during the physical examination, they can advise for a blood test to check for infection, or in some cases, an X-ray of the throat may be necessary.

The doctors may recommend an adenoid removal if you have lingering ear or throat infections that do not respond to antibiotic treatment, occur more than 5-6 times a year or impede upon your daily activities such as work and education. If the doctors suspect you may be suffering from an infection, they may prescribe different sorts of medicine. Also, nasal steroids might be recommended to help reduce swelling in the adenoids prior to suggesting removal.

Symptoms of Enlarged Adenoids

Most of the time, enlarged adenoids affect children, infants, and younger children who may not be able to express that they are in pain or experiencing other symptoms of enlarged adenoids. Some symptoms to look out for in babies and children include:

Frequent ear infections

Sore throat

Difficulty swallowing

Difficulty breathing through the nose

Habitual mouth breathing

Obstructive sleep apnea, which involves periodic lapses in breathing during sleep

Repeated middle ear infections due to swollen adenoids and clogged eustachian tubes have serious implications, like hearing loss, which can also lead to speech problems.

An adenoidectomy is a safe procedure that can relieve your child’s symptoms. Although adenoids are part of your child’s immune system, adenoid removal won’t make their immune system weaker, immune systems are highly adaptable. The children don’t need adenoids to fight germs, they’ll actually be healthier without having enlarged adenoids.

What Does an Adenoidectomy in Turkey Treat?

An adenoidectomy treats enlarged adenoids that can cause issues by partially blocking your child’s airway. A narrowed airway can cause a range of problems that require treatment, including:

Trouble sleeping: Your child may snore and have trouble sleeping, they may be irritable during the day because they’re not getting enough rest at night.Ear infections: Your child may be frequent ear infections and chronic fluid in the ear.

Trouble breathing: Your child may have trouble breathing during the day and can’t sleep. In more severe cases, swollen adenoids can cause sleep apnea, which makes your child stop breathing at night.

Sinus infections: Your child may experience chronic nasal drainage, congestion, and frequent sinus infections.

An adenoidectomy is mostly for children between 1-7 years old. Children’s adenoids naturally begin shrinking around age 7-8 and are almost completely gone by the teens.

Prepare for Adenoidectomy in Turkey

The mouth and throat bleed more readily than other parts of the body, so your doctor may request a blood test to find out whether your child’s blood clots correctly and if their white and red blood count is normal. Preoperative blood tests can help your child’s doctor ensure that there won’t be excessive bleeding during and after the adenoidectomy.

In the week before surgery, don’t give your child any medication that can affect blood clottings, like ibuprofen, or aspirin. You can use acetaminophen (Tylenol) for pain. If you’re in doubt about which drugs are appropriate, talk with your doctor.

The day before surgery, your child should have nothing to eat or drink after midnight, even water. If the doctor prescribes medication to be taken before the surgery, can give it to your child with a small sip of water. You should also monitor your child for signs of a cold, flu, or other respiratory infection. Your doctor may recommend postponing surgery if your child gets sick beforehand.

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How Is Adenoidectomy Performed in Turkey?

The surgeon who performs adenoidectomies is an otolaryngologist or an ear, nose, and throat specialist. These surgeons perform an adenoidectomy under general anesthesia, a drug-induced deep sleep. This is often done in an outpatient setting, which means that your child can go home on the day of the surgery.

For the adenoidectomy, the surgeons use an instrument to see inside the throat and nasal cavity. They can access the adenoids through the back of the throat, so they don’t need to make any external incisions. The adenoids are often removed through the mouth. The surgeons will insert a small instrument into your child’s mouth to prop it open. They’ll then remove the adenoids by making a small incision or by cauterizing, which involves sealing the site with a heated device. Cauterizing and packing the area with absorbent material, like gauze, will control bleeding during and after the procedure. Stitches aren’t generally necessary.

After this procedure, your child will stay in a recovery room until they wake up. You’ll receive drugs to reduce pain and swelling. Your child will typically go home from the hospital on the same day as the surgery but complete recovery from an adenoidectomy usually takes one to two weeks.

Recovery from Adenoidectomy in Turkey

Your child can have a sore throat or neck pain after surgery, although this is typically very mild and lasts for a few days. Usually, children can eat and drink normally without any restrictions after the surgery. They should be encouraged to drink lots of cold liquids though for the next 1-2 weeks until they are healed.

Parents must be watchful of bleeding from the mouth and nose after the adenoids were removed. Bleeding from these areas is not normal after adenoidectomy.

It is normal for your child to have bad breath for about 1-2 weeks after surgery. Your child also may have some pain in the ear that is from the site where the adenoids were removed. This pain generally resolves within a week. Your child may have low-grade fevers, 101.5 or less, for several days after surgery. But if the fever is higher than 101.5 or does not come down with medication, it may be a sign of dehydration or infection.

Frequently, snoring is resolved in children within one month after an adenoidectomy. If your child still snores, your child’s ENT physician may wish to further evaluate and your child’s adenoidectomy surgery also may be combined with ENT procedures to help with snoring.

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2024 Cost of Adenoidectomy in Turkey

All types of medical attention like adenoidectomy are very affordable in Turkey. Many factors are also included in determining the cost of adenoidectomy in Turkey. Your process with Healthy Türkiye will last from the time you decide to have an adenoidectomy in Turkey until the time you are fully recovered even if you are back home. The exact adenoid removal surgery procedure cost in Turkey depends on the type of operation involved.

The cost of adenoidectomy in Turkey does not demonstrate many variations in 2024. Compared to costs in developed countries like the United States or the UK, adenoidectomy costs in Turkey are relatively low. So, it’s no wonder patients from across the world visit Turkey for adenoid removal surgery. However, the price is not the only factor affecting choices. We suggest looking for hospitals that are safe and have adenoidectomy reviews on Google. When people decide to seek medical help for adenoidectomy, they will not only have had low-cost procedures in Turkey, but also the safest and best treatment.

At clinics or hospitals contracted with Healthy Türkiye, patients will receive the best adenoidectomy from specialist doctors in Turkey at affordable rates. Healthy Türkiye teams to provide medical attention adenoid removal surgery procedures and high-quality treatment to patients at a minimum cost. When you contact Healthy Türkiye assistants, you can get free information about the cost of adenoidectomy in Turkey and what this cost covers.

Price of Adenoidectomy in the UK?

The cost of an adenoid removal surgery in the UK is between £3.000-£5.000.

Price of Adenoidectomy in the USA?

The cost of adenoid removal surgery in the USA is between $5.000-$10.000.

Price of Adenoidectomy in Turkey?

The cost of an adenoid removal surgery in Turkey is between $1.000-$1.500.

The prices may vary based on specific procedure requirements. Contact us for exact price information.

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Why Is Adenoidectomy Cheaper in Turkey?

One of the main considerations before traveling abroad for adenoidectomy is the cost-effectiveness of the whole process. Many patients think that when they add flight tickets and hotel expenses to their adenoid removal surgery costs, it will become very expensive to travel, which is not true. Contrary to popular belief, round-trip flight tickets to Turkey for adenoidectomy can be booked very affordably.

In this case, assuming you are staying in Turkey for your adenoidectomy, your total travel expense of flight tickets and accommodation will only cost less than any other developed country, which is nothing compared to the amount that you are saving. The question “why is adenoidectomy cheaper in Turkey?” is so common between patients or people simply curious about getting their medical treatment in Turkey. When it comes to adenoid removal surgery prices in Turkey, there are 3 factors that allow cheaper prices:

The currency exchange is favorable for whoever looking for adenoidectomy has a euro, dollar, or pound;

The lower cost of living and cheaper overall medical expenses such as adenoidectomy;

For adenoidectomy, incentives are given by the Turkish Government to medical clinics working with international clients;

All these factors allow for cheaper adenoidectomy prices, but let’s be clear, these prices are cheaper for people with strong currencies (as we said, euro, dollar, Canadian dollar, pound, etc).

Every year, thousands of patients from all over the world come to Turkey to get an adenoidectomy. The success of the healthcare system has increased in recent years, especially for adenoid removal surgery. It’s easy to find well-educated and English-speaking medical professionals in Turkey for all kinds of medical treatment such as adenoidectomy.

Turkiye adenoidectomy

Why Choose Turkey for Adenoidectomy?

Turkey is a common choice among international patients seeking advanced adenoidectomy. Turkey’s health procedures are safe and effective operations with a high success rate like adenoidectomy. The increasing demand for high-quality adenoid removal surgery at affordable prices has made Turkey a popular medical travel destination. In Turkey, adenoidectomy is performed by highly experienced and trained doctors with the most advanced technology in the world. adenoidectomy is done in Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya, and other major cities. The reasons for choosing adenoidectomy in Turkey are as follows:

High-quality hospitals: Joint Commission International (JCI) accredited hospitals have dedicated adenoid removal surgery units that are specially designed for patients. International and national strict protocols provide effective and successful adenoidectomy for patients in Turkey.

Qualified experts: The expert teams include nurses and specialist doctors, together to carry out adenoidectomy according to the patient’s needs. All the included doctors are highly experienced in performing adenoid removal surgery.

Affordable price: The cost of adenoidectomy in Turkey is affordable compared to Europe, the USA, the UK, Singapore, Australia, etc.

The high success rate: Highly experienced specialists, the best available technology, and stringently followed safety guidelines for post-operative care of the patient, resulting in a high success rate for adenoidectomy in Turkey.

To fortify the reliability of adenoidectomy procedures in Turkey, a recent clinical study was conducted, involving a sizable cohort of pediatric patients undergoing adenoid removal surgery. The study assessed the long-term outcomes and postoperative recovery of children with adenoiditis, providing valuable insights into the effectiveness and safety of adenoidectomy as a treatment option. The findings from this study contribute to the assurance that adenoid removal procedures performed in Turkey are based on evidence-backed practices, ensuring the well-being of pediatric patients.

Is Adenoidectomy Safe in Turkey?

Did you know Turkey is one of the most visited destinations for adenoidectomy in the world? It is ranked one of the most visited tourist destinations for adenoid removal surgery. Over the years it has also come to be a very popular medical tourism destination too with many tourists coming in for adenoidectomy. There are so many reasons why Turkey stands out as a leading destination for adenoidectomy. Because Turkey is both safe and easy to travel to too with a regional airport hub and flight connections to pretty much everywhere, it is preferred for adenoid removal surgery.

The best hospitals in Turkey have experienced medical staff and specialists who have performed thousands of medical services such as adenoidectomy. All procedures and coordination related to adenoidectomy are controlled by the Ministry of Health in accordance with the law. Over many years, the greatest progress in medicine has been observed in the field of adenoid removal surgery. Turkey is known among foreign patients for its great opportunities in the area of adenoidectomy.

To emphasize, besides the price itself, the key factor in selecting a destination for adenoidectomy is certainly the standard of medical services, the hospital staff’s high expertise, hospitality, and the safety of the country.

All-Inclusive Package for Adenoidectomy in Turkey

Healthy Türkiye offers all-inclusive packages for adenoidectomy in Turkey at much lower prices. Extremely professional and experienced doctors and technicians carry out high-quality adenoidectomy. The cost of adenoid removal surgery in European countries can be quite expensive, especially in the UK. Healthy Türkiye provides cheap all-inclusive packages for a long and short stay of adenoidectomy in Turkey. Because of many factors, we can provide you with many opportunities for your adenoidectomy in Turkey.

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Once settled in the hotel, you will be transferred to and from the clinic or hospital for adenoidectomy. After your adenoidectomy has been successfully completed, the transfer team will return you to the airport in time for your flight home. In Turkey, all packages of adenoidectomy can be arranged upon request, which relaxes the minds of our patients. You can reach out Healthy Türkiye for everything you need to know about adenoidectomy in Turkey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most children have throat pain for a few days after an adenoidectomy in Turkey. After this surgery, your child may have bad breath, a stuffy nose, and voice changes for a few days. Your child may feel tired, however, should be able to go back to school or daycare in 2-3 days.

You can brush your teeth after the first night but avoid mouthwash for 1 week. You can have a bad-smelling breath as you heal.

Healthy Türkiye has some of the top ENT surgeons performing adenoidectomy with a 100% success rate and without any post-surgical complications.

The cold liquids your child drinks after surgery, the better their throat will feel, and the more they will stay hydrated, the doctors recommend milk, juice, water, or Gatorade until their throat is fully healed. Hot liquids can worsen throat swelling and pain.

There may be increased nasal drainage for 12-14 days after surgery.

Children with adenotonsillar hypertrophy are more likely to experience poor brain development and sleep problems, they also have emotional disturbances.

In rare cases, adenoid tissue may grow back, but this does not cause problems most of the time. However, in Turkey, it can be removed again if necessary.

The adenoids work by trapping germs coming in through the mouth and nose. Adenoids generally start to shrink after about age 5, by the teenage years, they are almost completely gone.