When considering hair transplants, you can want to know how successful this procedure is. After all, no one wants to waste their time and money being disappointed with the final results.
success rate hair transplant in turkey

Success Rate Hair Transplant in Turkey

When considering hair transplants, you may want to know how successful is hair transplant. After all, no one wants to waste their time and money being disappointed with the final results. The hair transplant success rate in Turkey is 98%. Also, most patients do not encounter problems after a successful hair transplant.

Hair transplantation purposes to restore hair growth in areas of the scalp with limited or no growth at all. Hair loss and thinning hair are normal parts of aging, but can also occur due to illness or trauma to the scalp. Some people who experience hair loss choose to do a hair transplant for cosmetic or reconstructive reasons.

Today, hair transplant is one of the most popular aesthetic operations all over the world, especially in Turkey. Thanks to advanced technological methods and capable Turkish hair surgeons, it is possible to have more successful operations with natural turkey hair transplant results. Therefore, the patients have hair transplant operations in Turkey with peace of mind.

Turkey Is Very Popular for Hair Transplants

Turkey is making very serious investments in the field of hair transplantation sector. Because of this, the high hair transplant success rate, as well as affordable hair transplantation prices, is increasing the popularity of Turkey. If you want VIP service from the moment you land at the airport, if you want to see both natural beauty and historical structures, and if you want to have a successful hair transplant with perfect planning, like everyone else, you should explore the turkey hair transplant results and choose Turkey.

Factors Affecting the Success Rate of Hair Transplants in Turkey

While overall hair transplant success rates in Turkey have been steadily increasing in recent years, there are a few important factors that can have an effect on this. These are important to bear in mind, especially since the details of a hair transplantation surgery are usually unique to the individual undergoing treatment. If you are wondering how successful is hair transplant is, you can below some of the most important factors in more detail.

Type of Hair

The type, shape, and characteristics of your hair have an effect on If you are wondering how successful is hair transplant is. For instance, afro-hair transplantations, tend to require a little more time and care in order to achieve an equal success rate.

For those with thick, curly hair, it’s likely that greater coverage will be able to be achieved through a smaller number of grafts transplanted from the donor site but this doesn’t mean that those with thin hair can’t have a successful hair transplant though. Rather, what constitutes a successful hair transplant result differs depending on the type of hair that you have.

This is also true when it comes to female hair transplantation. Eligibility for the procedure is a lot more narrow for women than it is for men and the results can differ too. Changes in results and success rates may be down to the different types of hair loss compared to men, as well as the initial causes behind it. However, female hair transplant in Turkey is becoming more popular and increasingly successful.

Type of Technique

There are different methods of hair transplant surgery. Out of these methods, the FUE method has the highest popularity. The FUE method is a minimally-invasive technique that causes less scarring. It also offers other advantages to this method, including a short recovery period and faster results. With the recent use of diamond and sapphire blades, the FUE technique has attained higher levels of precision and accuracy, paving the way for effective turkey hair transplant results.

Also, the DHI method has recently started gaining more attention from plastic surgeons as well as patients. This technique, with certain modifications, has the potential to replace FUE as the best method for hair transplant surgery.

Quality of Clinic and Doctor

One of the most important factors in ensuring a successful hair transplant is choosing a high-quality doctor. Despite technological advancements, hair transplantation surgery still needs to be performed by a fully qualified, trained, and experienced professional in order for it to be a success. Choosing a cheap, under-qualified physician will not only reduce the risk of the transplant being a success, but it may also run the risk of damaging existing hair. Also will also have an effect on the permanence of your hair transplant, which if performed correctly should be long-lasting.

It is always a good idea for the patient to research the facility where the surgery will take place. The healthcare facility for a hair transplant procedure should be fully equipped to handle any sort of medical emergency during the procedure.

Patient Health Profile

Just like the hair, the patient’s age and general health also contribute to the success of hair transplants. As a person ages, their follicles lose the ability to produce new hair. This situation can cause hair thinning even after a successful hair transplant surgery.

Also, the patient’s scalp should also be in a good health in order for the transplanted follicles to grow. Sometimes, the new follicles take up the characteristics of the original follicles in the recipient site over time, a phenomenon known as recipient dominance and this can cause the transplant to ultimately fail.

Lastly, the patient’s general health should be steady, patients suffering from diabetes or other severe conditions like cancer should avoid hair transplants as the surgery won’t yield any results for them.

Post-Treatment Care

The hair transplant success rate may also be influenced by how closely the post-operative guidelines are followed. There are a few important steps that should be undertaken following the procedure which will play a role in the volume and density of hair regrowth.

While post-op hair transplant care is relatively straightforward, knowing what to expect can play an important role in helping you to determine which post-operative symptoms are normal and which ones might be cause for concern.

Supporting Treatments

The potential for successful hair transplant surgery can be increased by undertaking a supporting treatment alongside a transplant. One of the most popular choices is platelet-rich plasma therapy. This innovative treatment is taking a small blood sample and spinning it at a very high speed in a centrifuge and this allows the separation of the blood component, platelet, which is extracted. The platelet-rich plasma is then mixed with other growth-stimulating substances and injected back into the patient’s head skin.

Hair loss medications are also viable options that can prove successful in some situations. Common options include finasteride which attempts to slow down hair loss by lowering the amount of testosterone produced and minoxidil, which helps to stimulate the growth of new hair.


Why Hair Transplant Success Rate High in Turkey?

Each and every year, Turkey welcomes close to 750k healthy tourists and this can say a lot about the success rate and expertise of Turkish doctors. Among dozens of plastic surgery procedures performed every week, it is an average that 150 to 500 hair transplants, and almost all, are success stories. According to statistics from the Turkish Health Care Travel Council in 2015, 60,000 patients travel to Turkey for hair transplants every year. So how successful is hair transplant in Turkey?

Hair transplantation in Turkey has earned a worldwide reputation as one of the most effective and affordable prices thanks to the national surgeon’s quality standards and affordable prices. Many see Turkey as the place to find the best hair transplant surgery in the world, with more than 500 hair clinics in Istanbul alone and thousands of other hair transplant clinics in Turkey.

Turkey offers several hospitals and clinics for people who are looking for the best hair transplant facilities. Turkey has some of the leading hospitals and clinics equipped with the latest equipment and supplies for the most effective procedures. Most importantly, the hair transplant hospitals and clinics in Turkey strictly follow various procedural regulations to minimize all the risks involved.

Also, the availability of the most qualified and experienced surgeons to perform a successful hair transplant operation is another important reason that makes Turkey a hotspot for this surgery. Given Turkey’s strict medical regulations, the chances of finding a surgeon who is inexperienced or fraudulent in this field are none. Additionally, when experienced surgeons perform the surgery of hair transplant, the chances of complications during the procedure are significantly reduced.

The Study of Success Rate Hair Transplant in Turkey

A recent study conducted by the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) analyzed the turkey hair transplant results and success rate. The study, which included a sample of 1,000 patients who underwent hair transplants in Turkey, found an average success rate of 98%, aligning with the claims made in this article. This data underscores the reputation of Turkey as a destination for successful hair transplant procedures due to the expertise of Turkish doctors and the adherence to strict medical regulations.

Conclusion About Success Rate Hair Transplant in Turkey

Hair is one of the significant factors determining how others perceive us. It affects our confidence greatly, so having strong, thicker, and healthy hair has been the goal of many people. Especially with technical advancements, hair transplants have very high success results in Turkey.

In Healthy Türkiye affiliated hospitals, the most successful hair transplant doctors are able to achieve a high success rate in hair transplant procedures. The techniques they use, the care they show, and the skills and experience they have, make them among the best surgeons in Turkey.