We are debunking 8 common myths surrounding the deep plane facelift. Discover the facts and step into the rejuvenation process armed with accurate information!
myths about deep plane facelift

Debunking 8 Common Myths About Deep Plane Facelift

As we age, it's only natural to observe changes in the soft tissues of the face and neck, often resulting in a shift from a heart-shaped to a more squared appearance. Addressing these concerns, the Deep Plane Facelift has emerged as a popular technique, effectively tackling both sagging soft tissue and volume loss in the mid-face, lower face, and neck within a single procedure.

Facelift surgery, a cosmetic intervention designed to rejuvenate the face by mitigating the effects of aging, comes in two main types: the traditional facelift and the deep plane facelift. While sharing the overarching goal of combating signs of aging, these procedures differ in their approach. The traditional facelift, also referred to as a SMAS lift, involves incisions along the hairline and in front of or behind the ears to lift and tighten the skin. In contrast, the deep plane facelift targets a deeper layer beneath the SMAS, releasing ligaments from underlying tissues to elevate the midface, enhance nasolabial folds, jowls, marionette lines, and neck simultaneously. Given its intricacy, the deep plane facelift demands a skilled surgeon experienced in this specialized technique.

Despite the effectiveness of the deep plane facelift, various myths surround it. Let's debunk some of these misconceptions.

What Are Deep Plane Facelifts?

Distinguishing itself from traditional facelifts, the deep plane facelift focuses on revitalizing the face by addressing deeper connective tissues. In this procedure, a surgeon strategically makes incisions along the hairline and around the ears to meticulously lift and reposition tissues deep within the skin. Notably, the deep plane facelift is renowned for delivering results that endure over an extended period, surpassing the longevity typically associated with traditional facelift procedures.


Only Women Need Facelifts

Similar to women, men also undergo noticeable signs of facial aging and can find value in cosmetic facelift procedures. Contrary to any societal stigmas that may deter men from considering facelift surgery as they age, there has been a notable 20% increase in the demand for male facelifts since 2000. Embracing the transformative effects of a deep plane facelift can be particularly beneficial for men.

Deep plane facelift in Türkiye stands out as a premier country, specializing in the latest surgical techniques for facial enhancements. If you're intrigued and would like to explore more about the advancements in deep plane facelifts, we welcome you to discover the possibilities with Healthy Türkiye.

Better Results Require Longer Downtime

While the notion of undergoing a deep plane facelift in Türkiye might suggest a complex procedure with an extended recovery period, the reality is quite the opposite. In contrast to a traditional facelift, deep plane facelifts are notably less discomforting and entail a shorter downtime. The accelerated healing process is attributed to the fact that the deep tissues involved in this facelift variant tend to recover more swiftly than those in a conventional procedure.

You Need Deep Pockets for a Deep Plane Facelift

Practice waiting rooms brim with individuals from diverse backgrounds, each recognizing the profound advantages of opting for a comprehensive facelift. This strategic choice not only proves to be a wise investment in the realm of anti-aging but also promises enduring benefits that surpass those of alternative facial rejuvenation procedures. Moreover, the availability of cost-effective payment plans ensures that the financial commitment can be comfortably spread over time, rendering it accessible to individuals with varying budget considerations.

More Invasive Surgery Means More Downtime

While the initial impression may suggest authenticity, it falls short of the truth. In the conventional facelift procedure, the skin undergoes tension as it is pulled, exerting pressure on the incisions. This heightened pressure not only extends the duration of discomfort but also hinders the healing process, elevating the potential for scarring. On the contrary, a deep plane lift targets the deeper facial tissues, a factual aspect. However, these deeper tissues possess a natural tendency to heal at an accelerated pace, resulting in a simultaneous reduction in both discomfort and recovery time.

Deep Plane Facelifts Always Look Fake

The diversity in each patient's facial anatomy plays a crucial role, and instances of overly taut and artificial-looking results often stem from surgical misjudgments. The process of skin tightening remains a significant component of facelift procedures in Türkiye. Choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon becomes imperative, particularly one possessing extensive expertise and proficiency in advanced techniques such as deep plane facelift procedure. This technique focuses on tightening the underlying connective tissue and facial skin, effectively erasing wrinkles while ensuring a natural and harmonious appearance. Specialists in Türkiye, comprehends the intricate nuances of facelift procedures. They are dedicated to achieving the ultimate goal of providing patients with authentically natural-looking results.

Deep Plane Facelift Leaves Obvious Scarring

With a name like a deep plane facelift, many patients might assume it involves an intense surgery that leaves conspicuous evidence. However, this assumption couldn't be further from the truth. The incisions made during a deep plane facelift are strategically placed to remain discreet, either within the hairline or within the natural creases of the skin, ensuring minimal to no visible scarring.

Concerns about a pulled or stretched, unnatural appearance are also unfounded. The deep plane facelift operates at a deeper level, addressing tissues and muscles for tightening, removing excess fat, and then delicately redraping the skin over the face without causing tension. The outcome is a firmer visage with an overall more youthful aesthetic. Onlookers may marvel at your enhanced appearance, unable to pinpoint exactly what has changed but recognizing the undeniable radiance.

Facelifts Are Only for Older Individuals

Deep plane facelifts are not limited to older individuals. While often linked to the amelioration of age-related changes, this procedure can be undertaken by younger individuals to target genetic predispositions or address early signs of aging. The ideal age for a facelift is contingent upon individual considerations.

Plastic surgery in Türkiye, expertise extends across various facelift techniques, encompassing the deep plane facelift, and mini facelift. Each of these procedures is tailored to address diverse degrees of facial aging, providing personalized solutions for our guests.

Deep Plane Facelift Surgery is Dangerous

Typically, deep plane facelift surgery is regarded as safe when conducted by a seasoned board-certified plastic surgeon. The associated risks with contemporary facelift techniques in Türkiye are minimal, particularly due to advancements in surgical methods and post-operative care.

Healthy Türkiye Notes

When considering the deep plane facelift procedure, it is essential to dispel common misconceptions and trust in the expertise provided by Healthy Türkiye. As a leading medical tourism company, Healthy Türkiye facilitates access to cutting-edge surgical techniques, such as the deep plane facelift, in Turkey. Contrary to myths suggesting that this transformative procedure is exclusive to older individuals, has excessive downtime, or results in obvious scarring, Healthy Türkiye emphasizes the safety, affordability, and natural-looking outcomes associated with deep plane facelifts.

With a commitment to transparency and excellence, Healthy Türkiye invites individuals, regardless of age or background, to explore the possibilities of facial rejuvenation in Turkey, where skilled surgeons prioritize patient satisfaction and deliver enduring benefits with minimal disruption. Trust Healthy Türkiye for a seamless journey towards a more youthful and revitalized appearance.