About Myomectomy in Turkey

Myomectomy in Turkey is a surgical procedure specifically designed to remove uterine fibroids, non-cancerous growths of tissue that can develop in the uterus. Unlike hysterectomy, which removes the entire uterus, myomectomy leaves the uterus intact. This means that people can still become pregnant after the procedure. The fibroids are defined according to their location in the uterus, and there are several types of myomectomies available. The type of myomectomy that is suitable for you will depend on various factors, including the number, location, and size of the uterine fibroids that need to be removed.

One of the main benefits of myomectomy is that it preserves fertility, meaning that people can still conceive after the removal of fibroids. In fact, the procedure may even improve fertility if fibroids are preventing pregnancy. However, it's worth noting that abdominal and laparoscopic myomectomies require incisions that compromise the myometrium, which is the muscular layer of the uterus. This can increase the risk of uterine rupture during pregnancy and labor. People who have had an abdominal or laparoscopic myomectomy procedure will often need a C-section during delivery. For detailed information and guidance on myomectomy in Turkey, individuals can consult with Healthy Türkiye.


Myomectomy Turkey

Myomectomy in Turkey is a surgical procedure designed to remove fibroids from the uterus without requiring the removal of the uterus itself. Fibroids are growths made of tissue and muscle cells that can be found both inside and outside of the uterus. Although typically benign, fibroids can vary in size and number and can cause symptoms such as heavy and painful periods, as well as pelvic or back pain.

The cause of fibroids is not yet fully known, but it is common for women in their 40s and early 50s to develop them. In fact, by age 50, 70% of white women and 80% of black women in the world will have had uterine fibroids. While having fibroids does not necessarily prevent pregnancy, it can increase the risk of complications such as miscarriage or premature birth.

A hysterectomy is another surgical option for removing fibroids, but it involves removing the uterus along with the fibroids. This may be recommended if you do not wish to have children or would like to prevent the possibility of future fibroids. However, a myomectomy is a better option if you wish to keep your uterus and retain the ability to have children, although there is a possibility that fibroids may return. For personalized advice and guidance on the best approach for your situation, consulting with experts at Healthy Türkiye is advisable.

Reasons for Myomectomy in Turkey

Myomectomy in Turkey is a viable option for women experiencing symptoms of uterine fibroids that persist despite nonsurgical treatments. Many women diagnosed with uterine fibroids may not experience any symptoms. However, in cases where they do, medications, hormonal therapies, or other nonsurgical treatments may be recommended. If these therapies fail to alleviate severe symptoms, a myomectomy may be suggested by doctors.

Women who experience severe symptoms such as bleeding between periods, heavy and prolonged bleeding during periods, pain during intercourse, pelvic pain (especially during periods), pregnancy problems, subfertility, infertility, frequent urination, and constipation may consider a myomectomy. This surgical procedure provides a treatment option for uterine fibroids that allows for future pregnancies.

Alternatively, a hysterectomy, surgery to remove the uterus, may be an appropriate option for women who do not want to become pregnant in the future. Healthy Türkiye provides comprehensive support and information for those considering myomectomy as a solution for their uterine fibroids.

Before Myomectomy in Turkey

Myomectomy in Turkey is a widely practiced surgical solution for uterine fibroids, and if you are planning to undergo this procedure, your doctor may prescribe medications beforehand to facilitate the removal process. Gonadotropin-releasing hormone agonists, such as leuprolide (Lupron), are some of the drugs that can be used to block the production of estrogen and progesterone in your body, putting you into a temporary menopause. Once you stop taking these medications, your menstrual period will return, and you will be able to get pregnant again.

It is important to have a detailed discussion with your doctor before the surgery to clarify any doubts you may have and ensure that you are well-prepared for the procedure. Your doctor may need you to undergo some medical tests to evaluate your fitness for the surgery. The specific tests required will depend on your risk factors and may include blood tests, electrocardiogram, MRI scan, and pelvic ultrasound.

Also, if you take any medications, including vitamins, supplements, or over-the-counter drugs, make sure to inform your doctor. Some medicines may need to be stopped before the surgery, and your doctor will advise you on which ones and for how long you should avoid them.

If you are a smoker, it is recommended to quit smoking at least six to eight weeks before the surgery. Smoking can delay the healing process and increase your chances of cardiovascular complications during the surgery. Furthermore, it is important to fast food and drink from midnight the night before the surgery. For personalized pre-surgery recommendations and guidance, consult with Healthy Türkiye to ensure a successful myomectomy journey.


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Types of Myomectomy in Turkey

Myomectomy in Turkey offers individuals a range of options tailored to their specific needs. The three main types include open myomectomy, minimally invasive laparoscopic or robotic myomectomy, and hysteroscopic myomectomy. The type of myomectomy depends on several factors, such as the size and number of fibroids, and where they are located in your uterus.

Open myomectomy, also known as abdominal myomectomy, involves a surgeon making an incision in your belly (abdomen) to remove the fibroids. This procedure is suitable for extremely large fibroids as the surgeon can see all your pelvic organs. The recovery time for open myomectomy is similar to any other major surgery, requiring a few days in the hospital and up to six weeks at home before you feel fully recovered.

Minimally invasive laparoscopic myomectomy offers several options with quicker recovery times and less impact on your body. These include laparoscopic or robotic myomectomy, where a surgeon uses a small, lighted telescope inserted through your belly button. The surgeon then makes several small incisions in your abdomen to remove the fibroids through your vagina or the small openings. Alternatively, single-port myomectomy requires only one opening near your belly button for all the surgical instruments, resulting in only a slightly larger incision in your belly button.

Hysteroscopic myomectomy involves no incisions at all. When the fibroids are located in just the right place in your uterus, your surgeon can use a camera with a specialized attachment inserted through your vagina and into your uterus to remove them. Compared to other types of myomectomy, this procedure is quick.

Consult with the experienced healthcare professionals at Healthy Türkiye to explore the benefits and suitability of myomectomy for your specific case.

After of Myomectomy in Turkey

Myomectomy in Turkey ensures not only effective fibroid removal but also comprehensive post-operative care. During the first week after the operation, you may experience significant fatigue. However, you can gradually resume normal activities as soon as possible. For the first two weeks, avoid any heavy lifting that requires both hands. You can start driving 4-6 weeks after the operation, provided that you feel comfortable wearing a seat belt.

The timing for returning to work after the operation depends on the type of work you do and its physical demands. It's best to check with your GP to determine the ideal time to resume work.

It's essential to maintain your fitness level as much as possible as it will speed up your recovery. Swimming and walking are safe and effective exercises. However, wait until your first outpatient follow-up appointment before you start swimming. It's also essential to avoid smoking and eat a healthy diet rich in fluids, fresh fruits, and vegetables.

Keep up with your exercises, as it's vital for your speedy recovery. You can resume sexual intercourse after your outpatient follow-up appointment if all is well. Most painkillers cause constipation, so make sure to eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Drinking prune juice helps to prevent constipation.

Benefits of Myomectomy

A myomectomy is a surgical procedure that involves removing noncancerous growths, known as uterine fibroids, from the uterus. Here are some potential benefits of undergoing a myomectomy:

Preservation of fertility: Myomectomy can help preserve fertility by removing only the fibroids and leaving the uterus intact, unlike hysterectomy which removes the entire uterus. This is especially important for women who wish to conceive in the future.

Symptom relief: Uterine fibroids can cause a variety of symptoms, including heavy menstrual bleeding, pelvic pain, and pressure. By removing the fibroids, a myomectomy can alleviate these symptoms, improving the patient's overall quality of life.

Improved pregnancy outcomes: Myomectomy can enhance the chances of a successful pregnancy by removing fibroids that can interfere with implantation or blood supply to the uterus.

Preservation of uterine function: The uterus plays a role in various aspects of a woman's health beyond fertility, including hormonal regulation and support of pelvic organs. Myomectomy helps preserve these functions while addressing the specific issue of fibroids.

Minimized recovery time: Myomectomy generally involves a shorter recovery time compared to hysterectomy, with less pain and a quicker return to normal activities.

It's important to note that the specific benefits can vary depending on factors such as the size and location of the fibroids, the patient's overall health, and their reproductive goals. It's crucial to consult with specialists at Healthy Türkiye to tailor a myomectomy approach that aligns with individual needs, ensuring personalized care and optimal outcomes.

Myomectomy and Fertility

Myomectomy is a surgical procedure that involves removing fibroids from the uterus while keeping it intact. A person who experiences fibroid symptoms and plans to have children in the future could be a suitable candidate for a myomectomy. There are different types of myomectomy procedures available, including abdominal, laparoscopic, hysteroscopic, and robotic myomectomy, and the most appropriate approach will be decided by the doctor. The recovery time will depend on the type of procedure a person has, but it will likely take a few weeks. Although myomectomies may help with fibroid symptoms, a person may still develop new fibroids after surgery. If new fibroids develop, further surgery may be required.


2024 Cost of Myomectomy in Turkey

All types of medical attention like myomectomy are very affordable in Turkey. Many factors are also included in determining the cost of myomectomy in Turkey. Your process with Healthy Türkiye will last from the time you decide to have a myomectomy in Turkey until the time you are fully recovered even if you are back home. The exact myomectomy procedure cost in Turkey depends on the type of operation involved.

The cost of myomectomy in Turkey does not demonstrate many variations in 2024. Compared to costs in developed countries like the United States or the UK, myomectomy costs in Turkey are relatively low. So, it's no wonder patients from across the world visit Turkey for myomectomy procedures. However, the price is not the only factor affecting choices. We suggest looking for hospitals that are safe and have myomectomy reviews on Google. When people decide to seek medical help for myomectomy, they will not only have had low-cost procedures in Turkey, but also the safest and best treatment.

At clinics or hospitals contracted with Healthy Türkiye, patients will receive the best myomectomy from specialist doctors in Turkey at affordable rates. Healthy Türkiye teams provide medical attention myomectomy procedures and high-quality treatment to patients at a minimum cost. When you contact Healthy Türkiye assistants, you can get free information about the cost of myomectomy in Turkey and what this cost covers.

Price of Myomectomy in the UK

The cost of a myomectomy in the UK is between £8.000-£10.000.

Price of Myomectomy in the USA

The cost of a myomectomy in the USA is between $10.000-$15.000.

Price of Myomectomy in Turkey

The cost of a myomectomy in Turkey is between $3.000-$6.000.

The prices may vary based on specific procedure requirements. Contact us for exact price information.

Why Is Myomectomy Cheaper in Turkey?

One of the main considerations before traveling abroad for myomectomy is the cost-effectiveness of the whole process. Many patients think that when they add flight tickets and hotel expenses to their myomectomy costs, it will become very expensive to travel, which is not true. Contrary to popular belief, round-trip flight tickets to Turkey for myomectomy can be booked very affordably.

In this case, assuming you are staying in Turkey for your myomectomy, your total travel expense of flight tickets and accommodation will only cost less than any other developed country, which is nothing compared to the amount that you are saving.

The question “Why is myomectomy cheaper in Turkey?” is so common between patients or people simply curious about getting their medical treatment in Turkey. When it comes to myomectomy prices in Turkey, there are 3 factors allowing cheaper prices:

The currency exchange is favorable for whoever looking for myomectomy has a euro, dollar, or pound;

The lower cost of living and cheaper overall medical expenses such as myomectomy;

For myomectomy, incentives are given by the Turkish Government to medical clinics working with international clients;

All these factors allow for cheaper myomectomy prices, but let’s be clear, these prices are cheaper for people with strong currencies (as we said, euro, dollar, Canadian dollar, pound, etc).

Every year, thousands of patients from all over the world come to Turkey to get myomectomy. The success of the healthcare system has increased in recent years, especially for myomectomy. It’s easy to find well-educated and English-speaking medical professionals in Turkey for all kinds of medical treatment such as myomectomy.


Why Choose Turkey for Myomectomy?

Turkey is a common choice among international patients seeking advanced myomectomy. Turkey’s health procedures are safe and effective operations with a high success rate like myomectomy. The increasing demand for high-quality myomectomy at affordable prices has made Turkey a popular medical travel destination. In Turkey, myomectomy is performed by highly experienced and trained doctors with the most advanced technology in the world. myomectomy is done in Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya, and other major cities. The reasons for choosing myomectomy in Turkey are as follows:

High-quality hospitals: Joint Commission International (JCI) accredited hospitals have dedicated myomectomy units that are specially designed for patients. International and national strict protocols provide effective and successful myomectomy for patients in Turkey.

Qualified experts: The expert teams include nurses and specialist doctors, together to carry out myomectomy according to the patient's needs. All the included doctors are highly experienced in performing myomectomy.

Affordable price: The cost of myomectomy in Turkey is affordable compared to Europe, the USA, the UK, Singapore, Australia, etc.

The high success rate: Highly experienced specialists, the best available technology, and stringently followed safety guidelines for post-operative care of the patient, resulting in a high success rate for myomectomy in Turkey.

Is Myomectomy Safe in Turkey?

Did you know Turkey is one of the most visited destinations for myomectomy in the world? It is ranked one of the most visited tourist destinations for myomectomy. Over the years it has also come to be a very popular medical tourism destination too with many tourists coming in for myomectomy. There are so many reasons why Turkey stands out as a leading destination for myomectomy. Because Turkey is both safe and easy to travel to too with a regional airport hub and flight connections to pretty much everywhere, it is preferred for myomectomy.

The best hospitals in Turkey have experienced medical staff and specialists who have performed thousands of medical services such as myomectomy. All procedures and coordination related to myomectomy are controlled by the Ministry of Health in accordance with the law. Over many years, the greatest progress in medicine has been observed in the field of myomectomy. Turkey is known among foreign patients for its great opportunities in the area of myomectomy.

To emphasize, besides the price itself, the key factor in selecting a destination for myomectomy is certainly the standard of medical services, the hospital staff’s high expertise, hospitality, and the safety of the country.

All-Inclusive Package for Myomectomy in Turkey

Healthy Türkiye offers all-inclusive packages for myomectomy in Turkey at much lower prices. Extremely professional and experienced doctors and technicians carry out the high-quality myomectomy. The cost of myomectomy in European countries can be quite expensive, especially in the UK. Healthy Türkiye provides cheap all-inclusive packages for a long and short stay of myomectomy in Turkey. Because of many factors, we can provide you with many opportunities for your myomectomy in Turkey.

The price of myomectomy differs from other countries due to medical fees, staff labor prices, exchange rates, and market competition. You can save much more in myomectomy compared to other countries in Turkey. When you purchase myomectomy all-inclusive package with Healthy Türkiye our healthcare team will present of hotels for you to choose from. In myomectomy travel, you will have the price of your stay included in the all-inclusive package cost.

In Turkey, when you purchase myomectomy all-inclusive packages through Healthy Türkiye, you will always receive VIP transfers. These are provided by Healthy Türkiye, which is contracted with highly qualified hospitals for myomectomy in Turkey. Healthy Türkiye teams will organize everything about myomectomy for you and have you picked up from the airport and safely brought to your accommodation. Once settled in the hotel, you will be transferred to and from the clinic or hospital for myomectomy. After your myomectomy has been successfully completed, the transfer team will return you to the airport in time for your flight home. In Turkey, all packages of myomectomy can be arranged upon request, which relaxes the minds of our patients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Myomectomy is a surgical procedure performed to remove uterine fibroids, non-cancerous growths in the uterus. It aims to preserve the uterus and is often chosen by women who wish to maintain fertility.

The cost of myomectomy in Turkey can vary. Factors such as the type of procedure, hospital, and surgeon's experience influence costs. It's advisable to consult with healthcare providers for accurate pricing.

Women experiencing symptoms like pelvic pain, heavy periods, or fertility issues due to uterine fibroids may consider myomectomy. However, suitability depends on individual health and specific conditions.

Turkey offers various myomectomy procedures, including abdominal, laparoscopic, and hysteroscopic methods. The choice depends on factors such as fibroid size, location, and the patient's overall health.

Recovery times can vary, but generally, patients can expect to return to normal activities within a few weeks. The specific recovery period depends on factors like the type of myomectomy performed.

Myomectomy is often chosen by women who wish to preserve fertility. Removing fibroids that affect the uterine cavity may improve the chances of conception. However, fertility outcomes can vary among individuals.