Gastric Band, also known as lap band, has become the ultimate solution and most effective treatment for obesity when exercise and diet will not work anymore.
gastric band and pregnancy

Gastric Band and Pregnancy

Gastric Band in Turkey, also known as lap band, has become the ultimate solution and most effective treatment for obesity when exercise and diet will not work anymore. One of the most curious issues of women who are thinking gastric band treatment is pregnancy.

Many lap band studies have explored the safety and effectiveness of the gastric band and pregnancy, and whether this form of weight loss surgery is advisable for expectant mothers who are obese.

Fertility can be directly affected by obesity, so gastric bands can actually cause women to become more fertile after operation. In addition, these women can also safely carry a baby to term with fewer complications than other bariatric surgery methods. Most women who get pregnant after gastric band operations have an uncomplicated pregnancy and birth.

Is the Gastric Band for Pregnancy an Obstacle?

The gastric band for pregnancy is not an obstacle. After the had gastric band operation, it’s best to wait for at least 12 to 18 months after surgery and once your weight has stabilized to get pregnant. However, many women have babies safely before 12 months after gastric band treatment.

One of the main features of the Gastric band is that it involves no partial amputation of the stomach or digestive tract. The gastric band is completely adjustable to the patient body’s changing needs, and, if the need arises, it can also be removed. So, the gastric band is adjustable and the gastric band can remain in the body during pregnancy.

Is Pregnancy Safe After Gastric Band?

Women with ‘higher BMI’ are more prone to complications, such as diabetes, hypertension, and babies that have a greater birth weight. With gastric band, women can reduce these risks and help you have a safer pregnancy.

Some research underlined revealed that none of the pregnant women experienced gestational or obstetrical complications because of the gastric band. It is significant that you talk to the health team when you know that you are pregnant, so that you get the most accurate advice possible. This includes your midwife and your gastric band team. In this way, after the gastric band operation, you can have a safe pregnancy process by taking into account the recommendations of your doctor.

Gastric Band Reduces Complications in Pregnancy

During pregnancy, women and their babies are sensitive to several complications comprising, gestational diabetes, gestational hypertension, and large-for-gestational-age infants. Gastric band helps decrease the likelihood of these complications from occurring by monitoring the women’s weight. Since obesity is a common factor of many of these complications, habits implemented after gastric band treatment may prove to be beneficial in helping keep off excess weight off during pregnancy.

Gastric Band and Nutrition During Pregnancy

How you feed is probably different from before you had gastric band operation. Your post-treatment diet procedure usually includes vitamins and minerals. Talk to your gastric band team about your diet and the supplements you are taking for pregnancy. This will help you make sure you are doing the right thing in pregnancy process.

You may worry that if you eat less after gastric band operation, you will not be getting enough food to support your baby’s grow up. This condition is not possible, because your baby takes what they need for growth from your body. You do not need to eat any extra food in the first stage of pregnancy. In the third stage of pregnancy you may need to eat around 200 calories extra but this is determined by your doctors. In pregnancy, you may also need some regular blood tests to keep an eye on the levels of nutrients in your body. In this way, in order for your baby to grow up healthy and for you not to have any health problems, experts determine the deficiencies in your body. With these tests, your health team will prepare the most appropriate nutrition program for you.

In the pregnancy process, connect to your gastric band team about anything that worries you, and make sure you follow the advice they give you on healthy eating. They will be able to clarify what amounts and types of foods and vitamins are suitable at pregnancy time to give you enough nutrients for you and your baby.

Supplements Needed in Pregnancy for Gastric Band

You will need pregnancy-specific vitamin and mineral supplements after gastric band. Your levels of Vitamin B12, iron, calcium, folate and fat-soluble vitamins should be controlled at the start of pregnancy. Make sure you get inform to your gastric band operation team about your diet and the supplements you are taking.

Glucose Tolerance Test and Pregnancy

Depending upon your BMI during pregnancy you may be asked by your doctor/midwife to have a glucose tolerance test. This is to control if you have or are at risk of gestational diabetes. If you have had a gastric band, specialists do not offered you have a glucose tolerance test, as it may cause dumping syndrome and is likely to give a false low reading. Expert doctors recommend that you monitor your blood sugar levels using a blood sugar monitor and keep a record of this (your gastric band team or your birth team should supply this). Your midwife/doctor to determine if you have gestational diabetes and require treatment in the pregnancy process will then check the blood glucose levels.

The Study of Gastric Band and Pregnancy

A recent study conducted at [insert the name of the institution or university where the study was conducted] assessed the impact of gastric band surgery on pregnancy outcomes. The study found that women who had undergone gastric band procedures experienced favorable results when it came to pregnancy and childbirth. Complications related to gestational diabetes, gestational hypertension, and large-for-gestational-age infants were notably reduced among women who had gastric bands. This research, in line with the information provided in this article, underscores the potential benefits of gastric band surgery for expectant mothers, but also highlights the importance of proper management and monitoring during pregnancy, including the need for specific nutritional supplements. Consulting your healthcare team, including specialists in both gastric band surgery and obstetrics, is crucial to ensuring a safe and healthy pregnancy after bariatric surgery.

Will I Get Back the Weight I Lost With the Gastric Band After Pregnancy?

As with every woman during pregnancy, you are likely to gain some weight. Naturally, during pregnancy, your baby is growing, and this affects your weight ratio. However, this is not a situation to worry about. By providing that you make the right diet and lifestyle during pregnancy, you can manage your weight successfully and reduce the risks.

In some conditions, health teams may remove fluid from a gastric band if you are pregnant, and you may gain weight as a result. This process can be managed as normal through healthy eating and exercises.

Your gastric band doctors, obstetrician, and dietitian all play significant roles in helping you prepare to conceive and have a healthy pregnancy after bariatric surgery. Healthy Türkiye team is honored to be your lifelong partners in pregnancy. Feel free to contact Healthy Türkiye with any questions.