Healthy Türkiye Cookie Policy

We value the privacy of visitors using our websites, including and affiliated sites or pages. This cookie policy offers detailed information about the cookies we utilize and their intended purposes. To review the applicable privacy policy for our website visitors, please refer to our Privacy Policy. Our websites employ cookies, along with pixels, local storage objects, and similar devices (collectively referred to as “cookies” unless otherwise specified) to differentiate you from other users of the website. Most websites can be accessed without enabling cookies. However, allowing cookies can enhance your browsing experience and is necessary for certain website features to function properly. In most cases, cookies do not collect personal information. For further details about this policy, please contact us at [email protected].

What Is a Cookie?

A cookie is a small file that can be placed on your device. It is sent to your browser and stored on your computer’s hard drive, tablet, or mobile device. When you visit our sites or apps, it enables us to recognize and remember you. Upon visiting our website, your browser is requested to store a small piece of data (text file) called a cookie on your device. This cookie remembers information such as your language preference or login details. These cookies are set by us and known as first-party cookies. We also use third-party cookies, which are cookies from a domain different from the website you are visiting. For specific cookies used on this site, please see below. We utilize cookies in various ways to enhance your experience on our websites, including:

Keeping you signed in

Understanding your usage of our site

Remembering your language and currency preferences

Displaying relevant health service providers

Showing relevant health products and services

Collaborating with partners to deliver relevant advertising

Key Concepts

First and third-party cookies: The distinction between ‘first’ and ‘third’ party cookies relates to the domain placing the cookie. First-party cookies are set by the website visited by the user (e.g., cookies placed by Third-party cookies are set by a domain other than the one being visited. If a user visits a website and another entity sets a cookie through that website, it is considered a third-party cookie. Persistent cookies: These cookies remain on a user’s device for the duration specified in the cookie. They are activated whenever the user visits the website that created that particular cookie. Session cookies: These cookies enable website operators to link a user’s actions during a browser session. A session starts when a user opens the browser window and ends when it is closed. Session cookies are temporary and get deleted once the browser is closed.

How to Delete and Block Our Cookies?

You can block cookies by adjusting the settings in your browser to refuse all or some cookies. However, if you block all cookies (including necessary ones), you may not be able to access certain parts or features of our site.

Changing Your Cookie Settings

When you visit our website, you can modify your cookie preferences by accessing the Cookie button at the bottom of this policy. Please note that internet browsers allow you to change cookie settings. These settings are typically found in the ‘options’ or ‘preferences’ menu of your browser. For more details on these settings, the following links may be helpful. Alternatively, consult the ‘Help’ option in your browser for more information.

Cookie settings in Internet Explorer

Cookie settings in Firefox

Cookie settings in Chrome

Cookie settings in Safari

Can I Withdraw My Consent?

If you wish to withdraw your consent at any time, you can delete your cookies through your browser settings or by clicking on the Cookie button at the bottom of this policy and adjusting your preferences.

Your Consent

Strictly necessary cookies do not require your consent. For performance, functionality, targeting, and social media cookies, we request your consent before placing them on your device. You can provide consent by continuing to use our website or by clicking on the appropriate button displayed in the banner or at the bottom of this policy. If you do not wish to give consent or want to withdraw your consent for any of these cookies at any time, you can delete, block, or disable cookies through your browser settings. Please note that disabling these cookies may affect website functionality and limit access to certain features.

What Cookies Do We Use and Why?

The cookies used on our websites are categorized as follows: Strictly necessary: These cookies allow you to navigate the website and utilize essential features like secure areas. Without these cookies, we cannot provide the requested services. We use strictly necessary cookies for the following purposes:

Identifying you as a logged-in user and authenticating you

Ensuring you connect to the correct service on the website when changes are made

Enhancing security

Preventing these cookies may impact website performance and security during your visit.

Preferences: Also known as “functionality cookies,” these cookies enable a website to remember your past choices, such as language preference, region for weather reports, or your username and password for automatic login. Preferences cookies serve the following functions:

Web analytics: Providing anonymous statistics on website usage

Error management: Assisting in website improvement by tracking errors that occur

Some of our preferences cookies are managed by third parties on our behalf. However, we do not permit third parties to use these cookies for purposes other than those listed above.

Statistics: Also referred to as “performance cookies,” these cookies collect information about your website usage, such as visited pages and clicked links. This information is aggregated and anonymized, making it impossible to identify individuals. The sole purpose of statistics cookies is to enhance website functionality. This category includes cookies from third-party analytics services, as long as the cookies are exclusively used by the website owner. Statistics cookies collect information about our website usage, such as pages visited and any encountered errors. These cookies do not collect personally identifiable information and are solely used to improve our website’s functionality, understand user interests, and measure content effectiveness.

Marketing: These cookies track your online activities to assist advertisers in delivering more relevant advertisements or limiting the frequency of ad displays. This information may be shared with other organizations or advertisers. Marketing cookies are persistent and typically originate from third-party sources. We employ marketing cookies to provide enhanced functionality and personalization. Some of these cookies may be set by third-party providers whose services we have integrated into our pages. Failure to accept these cookies may result in limited functionality of certain services.