Bariatric surgery is a life-changing procedure for people who want to lose weight. Bariatric surgery ensures sustainable weight loss in those who have obesity and who have not achieved long-term success with other weight loss attempts.

Benefits of Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery is a life-changing procedure for people who want to lose weight. Bariatric surgery ensures sustainable weight loss in those who have obesity and who have not achieved long-term success with other weight loss attempts. There are different bariatric procedures that are available. Gastric bypass and gastric sleeve operation are the most common procedures in the world.

Bariatric surgery reduces the stomach’s storage capacity. This method limits food intake and helps you feel full much sooner than normal. Some bariatric operations also limit the absorption of calories. Your doctors determine whether you are a candidate for bariatric surgery. At the same time, specialist doctors will plan which bariatric procedure will be appropriate for you.

The combination of bariatric surgery in Turkiye and a comprehensive treatment schedule might be effective for you or someone you love to maintain long-term weight loss and good health.

Bariatric Surgery Benefit Is About More Than Losing Weight

Bariatric surgery, combined with a commitment to your diet and exercise plan, can significantly influence your life. It can ensure physical changes and increase your overall quality of life. Weight loss in the very obese, especially after the first 25 to 30 pounds, often consequences in the dramatic improvement and even the elimination of several severe health conditions.

The immediate change in diet and the quick weight loss after bariatric surgery makes it an especially powerful tool against debilitating health conditions. With such improvement, weight loss surgery actually protects patients not only their lives but also the money usually spent on medications, treatments, and doctor visits for the rest of their lives.

In addition to its many health benefits, bariatric surgery can help improve a patient’s overall mood and psychological health conditions. People who have undergone these procedures report reduced feelings of depression and anxiety, as well as an increase in energy to take up more active lifestyles post-surgery.

Better Quality of Life Conditions

When you lose an important amount of weight, you will also notice a change in your ability to move more. You might even find yourself enjoying activities you used to love, such as walking, biking, swimming, or traveling. This increase in physical activity increases oxygen flow throughout the body and helps you. With bariatric surgery:

  • Burn more weight, and prevent fat storage
  • Decrease insulin levels for efficient sugar regulation
  • Calm stress hormones to relieve anxiety and depression

As you make social connections and become more engaged at work, you might feel you have a new lease on life. When your appearance is good and you feel good, your quality of life improves.

benefit of bariatric operation

Generally, your quality of life will improve. This is because you will learn how to eat properly and eating less will not make you feel deprived in any sense. Many clinical types of research have underlined that bariatric surgery patients felt better following their weight loss surgery and spent more time doing physical activities.

Crucial and Lasting Weight Loss

Metabolism plays a significant role in your weight. It is what provides your body with food as energy. High metabolism helps the body use food as energy. It ensures you burn calories, even when you are sitting around.

There are various ways to improve your metabolism. Sportive activities give you a short-term metabolism boost. Adding muscle to the body helps a bit as well. However, if you are 100 or more pounds overweight, this can be very hard to do without medical help. For many people, bariatric surgery is the answer. Bariatric surgery options do not just help your metabolism a little. It has such a powerful effect that it is often defined as metabolic surgery.

By changing your gastrointestinal anatomy, certain bariatric surgeries allow for significantly less food consumption. They affect changes in your intestinal hormones that reduce hunger and increase your feeling of fullness. In addition, medical studies show that more than 90 percent of bariatric patients are able to maintain a long-term weight loss of 50 percent excess body weight or more when combined with dietary and lifestyle changes.

Bariatric surgeries have proven to crucially improve diseases caused or worsened by obesity, including heart disease, hypertension, stroke, sleep apnea, arthritis, asthma, acid reflux and more. It has also proven to drastically reduce or even eliminate type II diabetes.

Excess weight is one of the major risk factors for heart disease. By losing weight, you protect your heart and body. Bariatric surgery puts you on the fast way to heart-healthy weight loss. Recent research shows that bariatric surgery even protects those already living with heart disease. This discovery offers a ray of hope because heart disease kills more people than anything else does.

benefit of weight loss surgery

Soon after bariatric surgery, many bariatric results lowered blood sugar in patients. It is even possible to gain such good checks over diabetes that you no longer need to take insulin or other diabetes-related medication.

Excess weight increases your risk for many cancers. Extra weight leads to many risks, involving breast cancer and kidney cancer. In fact, up to 40% of diagnosed cancers are caused by excess weight. Do you want to reduce the cancer risk? Bariatric surgery and weight loss can be effective ways to make it happen.

Protect the Fertility

The growth and improvement of the ovum in females and their entire reproductive cycle are driven by various hormones. These hormones are called steroid hormones. Hormonal imbalance, therefore, happens in obese individuals leading to irregular menses and inability to achieve pregnancy. Another issue that might prevent pregnancy in overweight females is a condition known as polycystic ovarian syndrome.

After bariatric surgery, a restoration of the regular menstrual cycle was reported in 71.4% of obese women who had menstrual irregularities before surgery. The chance of ovulation also increases with the degree of weight loss in women.

One of the most amazing effects of bariatric surgery is the improvement of fertility in women of childbearing age. A high BMI rate can make it difficult to conceive. In different cases, even IVF (in vitro fertilization) treatments fail to work when the woman attempting to get pregnant suffers from obesity. Having bariatric surgery tends to return a woman’s fertility to pre-obesity conditions. Therefore, it makes it much easier to get pregnant after losing weight and stabilizing.

Bariatric surgery is an influential treatment option to reduce the risks of weight-related comorbidities and provide additional benefits in terms of fertility and pregnancy outcomes in women of childbearing age.

Improved Psychological Health Conditions

The benefits of bariatric surgery extend to mental health. Patients might be less prone to anxiety and depression, and more likely to pursue life-positive activities.

Many patients who have obesity feel depressed because of poor body image and social stigma. Even younger people who carry important excess weight find it difficult to participate in activities they might otherwise enjoy, leading to social isolation and depression. Losing this excess weight can improve the emotional health of these people.

bariatric surgery benefit

Your self-esteem will rise with bariatric surgery. It is a real ego boost when your friends and family compliment the weight loss, and you will be happier being able to wear smaller clothes. You also will feel more confident. This can inspire even more positive changes in various areas of your life from career to relationships.

Longer Life for You and Your Loved Ones

After bariatric surgery, you will need to commit to eating and exercise plans that will improve your health and give you more energy throughout the day. Consider, too, that carrying extra weight can make you more likely to experience chronic fatigue.

The risk of death from obesity-related situations is far greater than the risk of death from bariatric surgery. Recent studies underline that the risk of early death for those struggling with obesity is twice that of a non-obese person.

Several large studies of severe obesity have found that those who have had bariatric surgery have an importantly lower risk of death than those who have obesity. The exceptionally low mortality rate is truly remarkable, considering that most people affected by severe obesity are in poor health and have one or more life-threatening diseases at the time of their surgery.

The Study of Benefit of Bariatric Surgery

A recent in-depth study conducted by the World Health Organization (WHO) examined the long-term benefits of bariatric surgery on patients with obesity. This comprehensive study, which analyzed data from thousands of patients worldwide, reported several key findings that align with the claims made in the article. The study highlighted that bariatric surgery not only facilitates significant and lasting weight loss but also leads to the substantial improvement and, in some cases, the complete elimination of various severe health conditions, such as type II diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, and sleep apnea. The research also underscored the psychological benefits of bariatric surgery, noting that many patients experienced reduced feelings of depression and anxiety, leading to increased energy and a more active lifestyle post-surgery.

Step Up for Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery, also known as weight loss surgery, is becoming one of the most common weight loss options around the world. When diet and exercise do not respond, many people, especially those who suffer from morbid obesity, are advised to undergo bariatric surgery to prevent the damaging effects of massive weight gain. Although the most desirable benefit of bariatric surgery is shedding kilos and boosting your appearance and self-confidence. However, this is not the only advantage and this is not certainly the most significant benefit of this procedure.

Bariatric surgery has many benefits that should be considered when deciding whether or not this is the right path for you. Healthy Türkiye, emphasizes the importance of choosing a medical tourism facilitator with extensive experience in offering these procedures.

Discover the Benefits of Weight Loss Surgery in Türkiye with Healthy Türkiye

While trying to lose weight and manage weight-related health conditions, you might have been stuck in a frustrating cycle of dieting and unsuccessful diets. The good news is that you can escape the cycle and achieve long-term weight loss with weight loss surgery in Türkiye with Healthy Türkiye.

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