Arranging Your Treatment

with Healthy Turkiye

Hospital and medical research can be time-consuming and overwhelming. By using Healthy Turkiye, you can find hospitals based on their location or treatment. We provide you with cost estimates, detailed hospital and physician profiles, and patient testimonials so that you can readily compare and select the best option.

Our doctors and healthcare team will always be with you.

We recognize that you are likely anxious to recover quickly. Healthy Turkiye has international consultants available to respond to your questions in a matter of seconds. In addition, they assist with the planning of travel logistics, including lodging, ground transportation, translation, and more.

Healthy Turkiye grants you access to the best doctors’’ network of the world’s top medical specialists, allowing you to obtain a second opinion on any diagnosis or treatment for free.

Comprehensive Solutions for International Patients

Healthy Türkiye offers international patients the most effective treatment options. Healthy Turkiye has a department of international patient services with specialized specialists and interpreters to assist patients from abroad in accessing the full spectrum of healthcare services.

Healthy Türkiye is affiliated with physicians in a variety of specialties across its network of hospitals and guarantees patient satisfaction with our care and services. To schedule an appointment with the appropriate physician for your medical condition, please contact us, and we will be in touch.

Healthy Turkiye is a rapidly expanding global assistance organization. Globally, Healthy Turkiye brand is synonymous with experience, dependability, and efficacy. Healthy Turkiye offers services ranging from simple medical information to complex emergency evacuations, payment guarantees to cost containment, to both corporate companies and their beneficiaries as well as individuals.